Saturday, June 9, 2012

That’s My Wife

Mrs. Rosa (Rosa Peñaloza de Siluk) is durable.
       She is brave, charming, pleasant to look at, better said, cute; dark hair, dark eyes, short. She is also a swimmer, horseback rider, a fair shot with a pistol. A true Christian, from the old school and can run a small business and household at the same time. A good photographer, an excellent speller, and travel companion, doesn’t grip about this and that: and can get along with one suitcase per trip.
       She is an accountant, and English and Spanish translator. She doesn’t sing all that well, but compensates in that: when she gives a speech, doesn’t have to look at a sheet of paper.
       She knows mayors in every little town in the Andes, and Bishops, priests, Generals, teachers and Rectors of Universities, congressmen and women, senators, presidents, important people, more than I. 
       When we travel she is durable, she does not suffer from pains and aches as I do, nor insomnia, she has stamina. Matter of fact, she can sleep standing up holding a book, as if she was really reading it, and fool everyone about.
       After 8:00 p.m., she can get lazy watching television, nibble like a bird, and birds do not nibble lightly, rather constantly. And seldom does she watch a whole movie through; she falls to sleep faster than a mouse can grab the cheese from a mousetrap.
       She can eat nearly anything, says everything is delicious, but dead batteries.
       That’s my wife.

#917 (6-8-2012)