Saturday, June 9, 2012

Queen Eurydike’s Poem

The butterfly and the Rose
Like us,
They die so soon!
While the Black Legions of
Live on!  And on!  —thus,
The here and now for us is all—
Whose light grows dim like
A gibbous moon…
Keep to thy dream
It may come true!...
For I was once Queen, of:
Greece, Asia, and

Note:  #3356 (5-28-2012)

Queen Eurydike (a honorific name, given to her when she wed King Phillip III of Macedon,  whose real name was Kleopatra, a common name in those far-off days, also spelled with a ‘C’),  was fifteen years old when she went to the throne, died at seventeen: but she followed her dream, and was considered the Warrior Queen, about 300 BC.  The poem was constructed for the Epic “Feast of the Wolfhound.”