Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alexander’s Tutor

(Concerning the Love Poem)

       “Why do you read love poems?” asked, the adolescent, Alexander, to Kebes (whom was his tutor):
       “A love poem,” said Kebes, “is definite, which love isn’t. A love poem contains nothing, but we like to listen to them, recite them until our entire bodies are inflamed and consumed.  Why? You ask. It is the curse put upon love, which promises divinity for the soul. One of the four elements that mankind needs to be whole. Without the four, man vomits out his soul.”
      “And what are the four?” asked Alexander, to Kebes.
      “Mysticism, understanding of ones own mind, physical well being, and communal sharing.”
       “Which one is the most important?” asked Alexander.
      “Should you lack in one, you lack in all; in a like manner, should you betray one, for another, you betray the wholeness of yourself,” said Febes.

No: 3355/2-25-2012