Friday, June 22, 2012

Impenetrable Spirits Of Kuelap and Karajia

The Tombs of Karajia

The Kuelap Fortress

Around my—soft, warm naked face…
Impenetrable spirits sleep and pace
Some wondering silently through unlit space
Disembodied, nearly blind—

Once awaken they roar from the dead
Inside Kuelap’s fortress stone tombs,
Inside Karajia’s niche sarcophagus!…
They want to be left alone—

Host and lost souls wailing for peace
Penetrating minds, with sweeping madness
       for unwanted guests:

       they remembered my friend, they
Told me so, the Archeologist—: giving him
Nightmares, pounding on the door
Of his heart, for disarray on their sacred ground!

From Horizon’s Dawn
I assured them from whence we came
       we’d not disturb them ever again…;

       thus, said, the abrupt spirit
In Kuelap’s stone darkness:
“Enough alleged, we’ll leave him in peace,
If indeed he collaborates…!”

#1300 7/28/2006; written at El Parquetito, Miraflores, Lima, Peru; reedited 4-2012

Note: When I was in Chachapoyas (Northern Peru), in April of 2006, I visited the grand fortress of Kuelap and a little farther away was the site of Karajia, with its niche tombs high up on the side of a mountain. These two sites in Peru are among some of the finest; unfortunately, most people only recognize Machu Picchu. While with an archeologist friend, and a few others, my wife Rosa included, we visited these two sites. Thus, the spirits are alive here, and as I put my hands onto some of the stones in Kuelap, a mad spirit told me he was angry at the Archeologist for his and his friends disturbing them; who was working at the site during this time.  I talked to my friend and he was getting bad headaches during this period, and the spirit inferred, he’d stop haunting him should he respect their privacy, and thus, the headaches went away.