Friday, June 22, 2012

Door of the Gods

How broad, tall, how strong were they?
What did they look like?
Who where they (who’s to say…)?
 They left their orbit for ours though—
Came through the stars unharmed in old days;
And the darkness shook the mountain top of Puno
On their arrival, with their fleet!
And they made a road trodden by an army!
Thou art the gods who came through solid rock
(known as: ‘The Door of the Gods’).
Made a temple out of hollowed light
They came in the night of infinitude!
Worlds from ours
From far-off darkened space
Perhaps even, far-off galaxies—!
To breed us with alien seed
And this they left as their testimony;
For we became like the crops of the fields!
We are your husbandman—,
The farmer blooded and bleed by the forbidden….
And we’ve dreamt of their awe-inspiring fate.

Thus, resides “The Door of the Gods”
High up in the Andes:
A fastened door, abandoned, for ages,
Within its Darkened room, waits!

Their time is ageless,
Like twisting threads of years—
They came in the dawn of humanity
From a planet chained and hurled
But why—?  Why…? Why? We wonder and cry!
Their reasons range deeper than our seas
Deeper than our minds can embrace
Deeper than this poem, you read…!

 The Legend: This mysterious structure is on the mountain region called Hayu Marca, twenty-two miles from the city of Puno, Peru, near Lake Titicaca. The door is twenty-three feet in height, twenty-three feet wide; the niche is seven feet high. The natives consider this:  “An entry to the land of the gods.” According to legend, the Inca priest known as Aramu Muru, who escaped his temple called: “The Seven Thunders” with a gold disc (this gold disc was known as the key of the gods of the Seven Thunders) and hid in the Hayu Marca region. When he arrived to the Stone Door, he met another priest from another cult, and celebrated a ritual, and with that disc he opened, whereupon, a bright blue light came in the form of a beam, and inside was an interior tunnel. At which point Amaru Muru gave the golden disc to the other priest and he went inside. Now on the other side of the door, once closed, he never returned.

#3318 (4-17-2012)

Note: High up in the Andes of Peru, resides a complex, facade characterized of cyclopean stonework ‘Door of the Gods,’  nearby the city of Puno, perhaps dating to some far-off prehistoric time;  as old or older than the nearby: ‘ Gate of the Sun,’ in  Bolivia—17000 BC, before even the ancient city, and now ruins of Jericho (9000 BC), which the author visited the ‘Gate of the Sun,’ in 2002 and Jericho in  2010, and anticipates to visit this great archeological site, ‘Gate of the Gods,’ soon.