Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Man in Hell (A prophetic Utterance)

A Man in Hell
 (A prophetic Utterance)

It’s hard to describe what I saw in 1984, so I drew a sketch of it shortly after the vision. It should be added to this story. I remember saying right after the vision, something to the effect: “He was being consumed, yet the integrity of his body and flesh survived, but with discoloration and stretched to its limits, his face and neck, and brow.” It was a pity he could not just up and die, and remain dead (in a state of oblivion); but we were born to remain always. To find out the exact wording, of my notes, I’d have to check out my book “The Last Trumpet…” but these are close to what I remember. But I do feel a need and a prophetic utterance in my mind’s eye, to describe this vision of a man in hell as best I can, today, whereas, in 1984, my words were quite limited.
       The agitating elements in play are of an aftermath of an atomic storm, and someone standing in the middle of it. A storm in flames given birth to a terror and unearthly strangeness. The protagonist, in the fire, unable to melt into vapor, or atomic dust, yet covered with flames all about him, tremendous fire storm to which utterly swallowed him, as it engulfed him with great billowing clouds of white smoke that soared to stupendous heights, I suppose, since there was to top or bottom, and although I could not hear his voice, it looked like he was emerged in a speechless rumbling of thunder in his brain, and as if frozen and unable to get out a syllable, choked in silence, had I been able to hear, it would have been an explosive, unaccountable ton of dynamite, and perhaps put me into a frightened state, or heart attack.
     The terror and anguish, misery and mystery in his eyes were of a timeless kind, an unending cataclysm, so unparalleled, so far beyond our ability to explain, or imagine, should all mankind have seen it, how could they not believe their isn’t a hell?  Yet I fear, man would classify it into nightmarish psychological drama.

To my understanding there have been others who were allowed to explore this death among the dead—hell per se, who have died and returned to tell about its unknown melee, by which they had been sized to and from. I don’t know if their cases were characterized by the same symptoms that I have noted, perhaps better explained, but all in all, God has given me the gift of art to a certain degree, to express what I can’t in words, and a picture as they say, is worth a 1000-words, I hope so. This took place 32-years ago, yet I remember it, somewhat clearly.

Having said all I’ve said, in closing let me add some data I’ve been told, and read to by others: 1) there are seven degrees of suffering for one’s sins: 2) the heaver sins are: abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, hate, grudges, sacrilege, being an atheist.  3) If you are separated from God, what can you expect, for all have sinned? Thus there is a price to pay.  4) Some have said there is a purgatory: that this area has seven degrees of suffering too, but hope is alive, perhaps this place is for those unreverent souls, — souls that try to play both sides, and who at the last minute with a gracious heart, come to the Lord honestly.

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