Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Inevitable War with Russia

((WWIII) (A Worldwide Jaunt))

((Part one and two, written April, of 2004, put on the public internet, July 7, 2005, revised in part   on 8-15-2008, and reedited and rewritten again in,  2-2009; updated a fourth  time 9-2016; and part #4 added)( Viewed on over a dozen sites, on one site alone 11,156 times: Update: 11-8-2016))

In my book, "The Last Trumpet..." I write about prophecy, and World War III, in the makings, which I published in a book in 2002 A.D., that came from my manuscript written in 1984,   from over fifty visions I was having at the time. Thus, I have not wrote much on it since, which I fear, I should have. Many things have been taken place since in the building up toward WWIII, which in the book I somewhat indicate 2016, is the beginnings of the Worldwide Jaunt.
World War III has been gearing up since the Korean War; when the world divided itself between the United States and Europe, alongside China and Russia. With South Korea and Japan going with America, and North Korea a buffer for China, going along with Russia and China. The Middle East was open, although during WWII, it was with Hitler, until they were losing, then they became turncoats, and ran to America. This is history, no need to belabor it.
We saw in 2008, a somewhat friendly Russia (since then the invasion of Georgia, and the Ukraine has changed that status somewhat) as indicated in the Book of Ezekiel. On another note, prophecy foretold Israel shall return to their own land and now we see this has come to pass too, the last Tribe being Dan from Ethiopia, returning to Israel in 1985, and Russia has allowed the Jews to return, back in the early 1980s likewise, hence, this was not so for 2500-years that Israel was disconnected; this is a prophecy for our generation to absorb. In the most recent decade Iran has become directly involved with the invasion of several countries in the Middle East as will Russia, as they plan to invade Israel in the near future. That is one of the reasons we should have stayed in Iraq, believe it or not, we were a buffer zone for Israel, and this is why in 2009, Israel wanted to destroy the nuclear capability in Iran before Russia and Iran become partners, now we know, this is taking place, and within this time frame Russia has taken a few bites out of Europe, and planted themselves firmly in Syria. 
Looking back, Israel destroyed Iran’s nuclear capability in the 1980s, as they were trying to create what North Korea has already created, the Hydrogen Bomb, a feat they’ve been working on for thirty-years, and now Obama has made this possible by releasing billions of dollars for their quest, and to carry on neighborhood warfare, creating chaos in the region. Again we see President Obama, holding back and to my knowledge, threatening Israel, should they bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, it would provoke a military air strike on our behalf, in stopping them.
Now look into Chapter 38, verses 1 and 2, Ezekiel, it mentions Gog, the land of Magog. If you ask a Russian what is the top of the Caucasus Mountains called, he'd say, "The Gogh."
Magog, with his tribe, left Asia Minor and went to the southern part of the land we now call Russia. Thus, Russia is going to play a major part in the war to come in the Middle East. As we can in this month and year of September, of 2016, already see this in Syria, and nearly a new war between Turkey fostering between Europe and Russia, which would bring into play the U.S. A.  This fire has been somewhat put out, but it is a danger zone.
These are the times, Israel’s last Holocaust you could say, is forthcoming (that is to say: a war, and then the Holocaust). Let me explain: the people to come against Israel will look like a cloud, this is biblical. This war will bring two hundred-million military soldiers against Israel. China can boast that alone, with their reserves, so it has been documented; that is two thirds of the population of the United States. Those who have mocked the Bible, look closer skeptics, look at 2 Peter 3:10, there you will find a clear definition of an atomic war as is contained in any library:  “...the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up."
In short, Russia will most likely hit Israel, or threaten to (once there is an agreement with Iran and Russia, and as we all can see that is forthcoming at this very moment). This is all pointing to the Battle of Armageddon of course, to which America is too far left to realize (in a comfort zone), but not Israel nor Europe.
Gog and Magog
Part Two

I talked on Gog and the land of Magog, which in essence is Russia. Russia, the words have roots, stems from a Finnish word, meaning rowers of a vessel, and ‘Rosh,’ is a Hebrew word meaning ‘boss.’ (Ezekiel Chapter 27).
What comes next in Zech. 14, we see a man trying to lead an army, seize Israel, and this starts a world war. Also, from the Book of Joel:  "...wake up the mighty men, let all men of war draw near: let them come up..." Joel Chapter three, in the Old Testament is talking about future times.
The regional superpower here is Gog and Magog, (from the Book of Revelation, Chapter 20); the invasion of Palestine by the nations will turn out to be in the long run, the last great battle.

God says to Gog and I shall paraphrase it: are you not the one I foretold would come against my people of Israel? Ezek. 38. All Russian leaders should take note, if not heed of this
The Middle East Confederation
Part Three
Israel Facing the Impossible

I do believe Egypt and Libya will join a Middle East Confederation, or conspiracy against Israel (Jer. 46), called in the ancient times, the Bulls of Bashan (nations surrounding Israel). Kaddafi, now being part of history, and the ISIS, now taking over much of Libya, may very well play a part in this scenario.  If not them, whomever.
Turkey will be added into this group, although we are really talking now about three groups in the end: Russia and Iran, the Middle East Confederation, China and perhaps North Korea, and even Europe, which now is called EU or, The European Union.  One must remember, in the early 1970s and even up to the middle of the ‘80s, Globalism and a European Union was not heard of, publicly. And if heard of, only in a whimpering whisper. All biblical prophecy. And a prophecy is something foretold, that happens, if it doesn’t, the prophet is false, thus far, nothing I’ve foretold out of the bible has been false, and it is in our plain sight. 

The Confederation, the Russians, and the European Union, Ezekiel refers to Turkey as Gomer, it is not Germany, it is in Asia Minor he points, but many have thought it to be Germany.
The point here is, as Russia and Iran are thinking about invasion, so are these other folks, or groups, the other two groups that is, if Russia fails, and Russia will fail, but at what cost? And a cost to what other parties perhaps is the bigger question (America?) On the other hand, America is strong because whoever helps Israel, that country is blessed by God. But can we say in this year of 2016, we are still blessed? And did not God turn his eyes away from what took place on: 9/11, I mean it could have been avoided, perhaps God said, “Sin, causes sin!” That too is biblical.
The question comes up: will the other groups fail?
Back to Russia, we see the old prophet has named the nations around Israel (these are part of the beast): writing of and for future generations, of their dilemma to be, a hard task to do, unless you got God’s notebook.
The other missing link here is America, the United States, where are they going to be in all of this mess?  Time will tell, but our agreements are quite clear, to protect Israel, yet will we? The United Nations has turned their backs on Israel, our White House leaders as of this writings have done the same; we have seen executive orders can alter an agreement within the stroke of a pen; agreements that were in place for decades.
Now who is Magog? It is the beast (Satan's Armies), as Gog is the individual (The antichrist that is possessed by Satan). In other words, The Beast is the mass group complex. America must be weakened, or tied up—which is at present, taking place within her boundaries and outside (that is to say: our military forces are being depleted, weakened, and our law and enforcement forces within our states are being paralyzed); surely the world has noticed this, and perhaps after Russia invades Israel, we’ll decide not to help, America will be too weak to get involved beyond verbalizing its anger, or perchance too week to even oppose Russia and Iran, and its allies, verbally.
We are at present, the only global power in the world, this has drained us, not that it can’t be maintained, but it can’t be preserved without assistance by whom we are protecting, for some reason our alias think we can do it alone while they bath under a sun umbrella.  By and large, it will all come out in the end as prophesied, lest we bend our knees, and I don’t see America, Russia, the Islamic Countries (confederation), or Europe doing that; everyone wants to do it their own way, without God. And this bending of our knees goes into a lot of reflection on  what liberals we feel are our rights (Lucifer says: no limits, no discipline needed, do as you please; and Plato says, if there are no laws, why not take you neighbor’s wife, who’s to stop you? … Right out of Lucifer’s Bible.)
And America has Lucifer’s attitude right now.

God Has Limits
Part Four
In Brief, or last words: last night (September 11, 2016) I had a most ardent desire to redo this commentary on Russia as if God himself would not allow me to sleep until I planted it firmly in my mind! I couldn’t sleep, and had to write down at 3:00 a.m., “Revise and update commentary on Russia”, not realizing the date, and so I have with this ending, along with updating the contents above this ‘brief’:  prophecy must be placed in the correct time period ((future tense) (past to present and/or future)) that’s the way it works, although it has a few more mechanics.  Destruction deceives no one, although peace and security does, but first must come chaos, as we see in today in Egypt, Syria, America, Africa, Europe, Israel’s Hamas, China moving in on the South China Sea, Russia and Iran and Syria, and so on, more so today than a year ago. Now we must look at how God has dealt with man in the past, to see how he is going to deal with man today and in the near future, it only makes sense: first, Adam’s expulsion should explain this fully, but even more so Seth and the Great Flood of Noah’s day, and the confusion of tongues, and the bondage of Egypt. Moses’ dispersion. The Holy Spirit (Acts 2). Christ’s Revelation 20, confirming Gog and Magog.  And last but not least we should not forget, God cast out 200-million angels from heaven for treason.

Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah,” inferring man’s dividing line of time is as it was in the days of Noah, should man again become so arrogant, and Sodom and Gomorra like: this is man-made, the point of no return, a point at which one needs to take caution before reaching that point, before breaking God’s limits, and God has limits.