Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Consorting with a Dream (11-15-2016/wee hours of the morning)

The Dream:  “I had a dream last night, I’m 69 years old, it was of a sports car, and motorcycle I once owned, although these two items were different than the original ones I once owned about 20-years ago. A friend and I were on the way to a lakeshore area, where I suppose I own land at one time, to which I did, some 300-miles from where I lived. Perhaps all symbols within this dream. I don’t remember who drove what vehicle, but I got confused on what highway to take so we stopped at a motel, and having got lost somehow he got to bothering me, more trouble than he’s worth—I figured, so I shooed him away.  Now I’m in a city in-between the lakeshore land, the motel, and my home; I’m, in some little town.  I meet two women, and I talk to them on getting back to the motel where my motorcycle must be with the sports car, I don't know how I got to this little in-between town.  Thus the two women I do not know from Adam, take me to an old thin lady in a bed and ask for her advice (could she be my mother? I don’t think so, but my mother was wise).  That is it, the whole dream, I wake up.” 

Now my interpretation may not be correct, but when I worked for Riverhills, Hospital, in Prescott, Wisconsin, back in the 1990s, and when I had studied in college Carl Jung, and others in Dream Psychology, I did fairly well with a few staff at the hospital.  It has been many years since I looked at dreams, but to make a story more interesting, let me try to break down my dream.
       First I do realize it is my conscious mind and my unconscious mind at work, trying to create a wholeness, or make full a concert picture out of my unconscious. It is a thing that I know, and I think I know (and we have emotions here also). I ask myself: did I dream deep (yes), painful (no), confusing (yes) scary (no), what was the emotion in total?   “Confusing”.
       Dreams are like fingerprints, each person has its own formula, or rules. And you got to know some of that person’s background.  I know me, so I’m set pretty good. Again I want to draw out the subconscious to the concrete. There are symbols here: sports car, motorcycle, land by a lake, I owned at one time all three. The person with me, I shooed him away, perhaps because I don’t care for people around me that pester me.  So we’ve got all the ingredients, and remember as I think Carl inferred: dreams are a window into the unconscious.
       I watched a movie last night, called “Predestination” with that in the background, a movie can transform, or eat its way into your subconscious, and this movie for me was very confusing. As in my dream, the protagonist was time-traveling from time zone to time zone. This could be it in a nutshell, but why such symbols? This brings me into another orbit, there is a chain here, and a dream obeys itself, in that it performs functions and you are the answer. 
       The ancient Greeks, would create a metaphor for a dream: perhaps if I was to take their metaphoric stance: the woman in the bed was a symbol for me to be open to new ideas, wisdom, intellectual development, values, which in essence is telling me to discuss.
       For the Greek, like many dream interpreters, dreams are insufficient, or of value. Some are prophetic, visions of what will come, warnings, much like the Jew would or might interpret a dream.  Herodotus, historian, believed to a certain degree, dreams are visions into the future.
       It think my dream was more in the insufficient area, but it was a story within itself, and I thought I’d share it. Perhaps the movie needed symbols for its creation of a dream, and picked deep and low to find something, to tell me, toss that stupid movie in the garbage.