Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day before—Blackout! ((On the Presidential Election of 2016) (the Day After))

 The Day before—Blackout!
((On the Presidential Election of 2016) (the Day After))

Beat the deplorable into submission!

Prologue:  For several months I’ve been tracking the news on both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and their landslide of deplorable acts and corruptions as they run for President of the United States of America. Sometimes it has been as a gloomy funeral for Mr. Trump as one can get (and surly trying for the observer), and then all of a sudden the fussing and buzzing shifts in the news as something from the other side capsizes the news. As we all know now, the race is over, at 2:30 a.m., yesterday it was 218 to 254, then I went to sleep, woke up at 4:30 a.m., at 5:00 a.m., it was 218 delegates to 289, in Trumps favor, and at 5:30 a.m., he was giving his speech, as Hillary was perchance too spent, or exhausted or ashamed to face her people, she called Trump on the phone to concede. Well, as someone said “Let us not gloat or despair,” the most powerful tool in this chain of events, was prayer! And it will be talked about for a long time: measured, weighed, and legacies made and some poisoned, for as the slogan went, “It is time to clean out the swamp in Washington D.C.,’s politics” Like the old Roman Senate, Cicero tried to clean out, got assonated at the end of his life.  For myself, America was seized at every opportunity and nearly brought down to her knees, to a beggar’s status, something I felt never could be done.

. . .

What was taking place in America, yesterday?  When the election of the new President was happening, between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, to which President Obama stirred the cricket bowl in the background? Also, before Republicans had what was called: “The Hidden Old White Vote” or “The shy vote?” Pending. (To me it was the ‘Baby boomers vote…’ the ones I wrote about a few months ago that I inferred were being unaccounted for? Overlooked by the media, and the polls).

       What was at stake, before the President-elect, became the President-elect?  Was political control of our own nation (that Obama no longer wanted under God; I think he would have preferred Allah…), by a President called Obama, and by the one running for president, called Hillary Clinton; what did they want to do, or what was their mission?  Everyone has a different way of looking at things, thus, so do I, if you disagree, it’s your prerogative, if you disagree, and keep it to yourself please, and the debate is over. Hence, they:
       first wanted to create a social state, and when in need to create a ‘blackout’ of what is really happening around us/them, in the background ((create chaos, no laws, no limits, no justice, destroy the nation by using foreign, and national idiots; self-serving)(we can see this also in limiting our police by not allowing them free judgment, and penalizing them for every action they take; plus open up the  boarders and let whomever wants to come in, come in! Also downsizing our military, to a 3rd world status, giving away the Internet to the UN, for control purposes, which did not belong to Obama, or the UN in the first place; creating silly bathroom laws no one cared for; not talking to the Russians, thus creating a WWIII vortex while at the same time spending 10-trillion dollars in eight years…; backtracking: bringing the nuclear clock from 5-minutes eight years ago,  to midnight to 3 to midnight six months ago, and who’s to say, perhaps 1-minute to midnight, on the 8th of November, yesterday))
       Second, create and control healthcare (in this case from Obama-care, to an even more destructive national healthcare system), consequently you control the people. Like in some South American countries, and Islamic countries, and African countries, keep them in poverty, knock out the middle class.   
       Third create a debt (as mentioned above) that crumbles the nation, make them everyone rich or poor, and the poor dependent! Thus, easier to lead and control.
       Fourth, as it was with the Jews of WWII, and as it is in many countries, take the guns away, and that is exactly what Hillary wanted to do, and Obama tried to do, then one has no ability to fight back. Then allow another Army on our soil, because Obama knows, American soldiers are not going to kill Americans, that is why he signed the agreement with the UN to use those soldiers to do the house to house task; and likewise, why was he against England leaving the EU? Because it caused problems for his New World Order he was planning (to which most likely Bill Clinton would have been the head) (and to take it a step farther, Hillary making Obama a Supreme Court Justice, and Ms. Lynch continuing to be the head of the Justice Department, and make surely to replace the FBI director, to a more puppet sized follower)).
       Next, now that you have a social state, no guns, the country is over the hill in debt, you have a welfare country, you control SSAN, the old folks, the Military pensions, and the military order, and: food distribution, housing, etc., plus if you put enough laws into effect, over regulate that is,  you already control every step everyone takes, to include the education system: on a child’s learning within that particular state, you don’t need dollars anymore, you got rules; and make religion subject to the government rules (part of the political system), as Hillary wanted to do, now you nearly got it fixed. 
       I repeat: you now put Bill Clinton, at the head of the UN, Obama as one of the Supreme Justices, control the FBI, the OJD, and now you call for a bailout from the World Bank, and drop the dollar for the WB-dollar—you control the monetary system worldwide! No wonder Russia was so concerned.
       Furthermore, you got abortion where you want it—five minutes before delivery you can hang the child, use its parts for science, you’ve taken out God out from America in the process, put up the UN-Flag, Sharia law as the Muslims would like and as Obama is by action and deed of that faith, and as he has tried to do, given Iran the equalizer, to counter Israel, the Big Bomb, now take down Old Glory.
       This is what was in play. 
       Lenin and Stalin both tried this. No way to free a fool, unless you chain the fool from making everyone else the fool. It all looks undoable, but they nearly did it.