Monday, November 14, 2016

Surviving the 2016 Presidential Elections

To Bedlam: Do or Die
(Surviving the 2016 Presidential Elections)

Split brains, to which give rise to a split personality in which the left hemisphere gives the answer: what happens to consciousness, when your brain splits?  In psychology and looking at the nation split over this most recent presidential election, and having lost three women friends of mine over it (in a kind of do or die way), I decided to write this story, “To Bedlam: Do or Die”. So in essence you can say the elections of 2016, and these three female friends, are related in my mindset, and I ask the question, why did they de-friend me?  The surface is never where the answer is, it is always under where the problem resides. The surface is I’m a Donald Trump devotee, or I’m for the Republican Party in essence, this election cycle; I have been on both sides of the fence. And these three women are for the Democratic Party, which is Hillary Clinton’s party, so fifty-five million people approximately think like her in America, and the same with perhaps two-million voters that were dishonestly added to the voting register, for Hillary, hoping that she’d be elected and they’d get permanent, citizenship. On the other hand, 55-million people think like Trump.
       Anyhow, we must leave the election, and get into the nitty-gritty psychological, or psychodrama of this.  Despite what you’ve been told, you and I are not left-brained or right brained, but for this story it seems to fit. We are not quite like that.  I am of course speaking in popular psychology. It is said the left hemisphere is more logical. Thus, this can make one feel left out or ostracized, as in the case of this election going to the Republican Party Candidate. It is a common human feeling, I’ve worked on many cases such as this when working in the field. Such matters can affect close friendships, family, you feel excluded, and the common word is ‘hurt’ metaphorically speaking. The social, emotional feeling is painful. Feeling socially rejected is like stubbing your toe (for the right, or Republican, they had to endure Obama for eight years, let the left digest that).
       So, let’s us look at my female friends, 1) An Old Neighborhood friend, dating back 55-years, said in essence “I can’t take your reasoning regardless,” blank, I’ve been erased from her life!  2) Now a High School, and Junior High School friend, dating back perhaps some 53-years, knowing she could no longer make a social connection with me, after a small confrontation, etched me out of her life, like a rat gnawing on a gravestone.  And 3) the Editor, she’s kind of a six year familiar friend, but a friend all the same, similarly, she felt she couldn’t deal with all the social information of her candidate losing.  Thus, she lashes out with aggression in response to feelings she is dealing with impaired people. Such as me, or those who voted for President-elect, Trump. She’ll misplace, if she has not already, her self-control. And likewise, this creates term effects of persistent social exclusion.
       Now this is important, and of course, this is my view, and it is a story in the sense (not a report or essay), it is a story, because it is a section of my life.  Having said that, let me continue: this is important because in all three cases it is called ‘bullying’ so I say to my three friends, in all respect, love and humility, keep in mind: there are long-term, negative influences, impacts, that one can have—with carelessly excluding a friend or an acquaintance in this matter, it doesn’t stop with this scenario, it digs its own grave.