Thursday, October 27, 2016

Saint Trump

We’re all getting a little worn-out on this 2016, election for President of the United States, with Trump and Hillary and according to the press, Hillary would be the saint, and Trump the devil, so it would seem.  Yet if Trump is guilty of anything, it is nothing in the political arena because he’s only been in it 15-months in comparison to Hillary who has been there for 35-years, she’s gotten rich off the political system, the tax payer. And quite the reputation to go with it. On the other hand, Mr. Trump has gotten rich off the system too, but in building things, and producing jobs for people,  although he has had a pretty active sexual life some 12 to 30 years ago, but not quite as sexual as Hillary’s husband, Bill, whom we’ve all forgiven. But here is the point, and it is pointed at all the insincerity, frauds, and hypocrites, out there. St. Augustine, whom was a scholar of his time, liken to Pope Benedict XVI, had a pretty notorious reputation before he became a saint.  Augustine, 354 A.D., was likened to Cicero, in his intellectual studies. At a young age he began an affair with a young woman in Carthage, she remained his lover for some 13-years, and gave birth to a son. Then he abandoned her, changing his life for better. Thus, God called him to be a Bishop of Hippo, and now he is one of the Fathers of the Church. He like Cicero, and Pope Benedict XVI, had won the most visible academic position in the world. Now we can jump back to the year just after Christ’s crucifixion, Paul, now a saint, has even a more macabre reputation, he killed his enemy without remorse, until God called him and he changed likewise. Bringing out the most dynamic letters in the New Testament (Bible). Now let’s head onto Trump, perhaps God is calling him, he is the only one who will fight for our rights, and Christianity, he will fight for the Jew likewise, and I believe Save America! And who knows, perhaps someday he’ll be a saint, for are we not all called for this destiny!