Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Hissing of Serpents ((Presidential Race, October 15, 2016) (Donald Trump))

Today: How it is (for History: how it was!

As I watch Fox News, day to day during these last 90-days, or now 24-days to the Presidential Election, in American, the country is divided, the Republicans are divided, because Mr. Donald Trump is a different type of Republican (or conservative), suggesting calamities of misfortune are forthcoming, and perhaps a little less self-serving to which the Republicans and Democrats have counted on for decades to fill their pockets, and Trump’s pockets are already full, he doesn’t need to refill them year after year, decade after decade by the public for doing the public a service which is really no service but rather their jobs, and what does the public get,  but thievery). The risks are twenty-feet high. And perhaps between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, their joints are swollen from all the walking and talking and bending in this campaign. And the Democrats their voices are leaden purple to a leprous leadership, to which they at present trying to sway the country away from God, like hissing serpents, and into a New World Government, led by the United Nations, thus a government no longer by the people for the people. The left, they are like an octopus, they have the media, Wall Street, the Government, the FBI, the Justice Department (Attorney General’s office), like pythons encircling Mr. Trump. And one can see the coils tighten about him, —yet he remains fighting.  I am stupefied by the strangeness of this happening (although it seems to be right out of biblical prophecy). It is as if they have clasp-knives, ready to cut him up, when he becomes helpless.  He is although amazingly tough and resistant. Even many of his companions have deserted him, a diabolical act of retreat, and betrayal, as those in the government have committed treason, from President Obama to Hillary Clinton, but executive privilege will not allow them to be judged as a common person would. Many on the left side, and the media’s remarks have penetrated Trump’s insulated suit, embedded in his flesh. Although exhausted and perhaps at times frightfully shaken, on he goes. And in spite of urgent haste to do it this way or that way, he does it his way (the old fashion way). And the right greatly deplores that, why? Because he represents a new kind of Republican, which is more like a Conservative-Democrat, or Liberal-Conservative. He goes where no one politically would care to venture among the fringing reeds of politics. Will he make it? Or become the vampire’s victim?  If he does, we all do!