Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tamar the Turtle ((A Poetic Tale) (1987))

 Special Project
(First time in print in 29-years)
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Tamar the Turtle
((A Poetic Tale) (1987))


This is a poetic tale, a project started in 1987, for a cancer house in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for children, never fully completed, and taken out of the mothball vault; a manuscript kept by the author, to redo perhaps at a later date; now for the first time in some 29-years, it is presented. Don’t look for anything grand, it was supposed to have been a project in progress for the Cancer House for Children, stopped abruptly, and never completed. The author has filled in some gaps, and put it back to a readable tale, and to its semi originally form. For the curious minded reader. The art work by the author, was done in 4-25-2004.


Tamar the turtle was a little girl.
A little girl turtle with cancer—
But seldom with hope, in a
Hope chest that was never filled.

She lived in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, down along the
Mississippi River. She was
A mud turtle, by order.

Dear reader we are talking
About this year, 1987—
And being a tot for a turtle
She had many thoughts.

One evening golden butterflies
Came down from the heavens
To talk to her; they told her
To have hope, and faith…

“What is hope?” asked Tamar.
“The Pillars of miracles,” said
One of the golden butterflies:
Another said “Belief!”

Still another said, “Hope attacks
Cancer, tells it to leave!”

“How so,” asked Tamar the
The young little turtle.
“It lightens the blows, that
Cancer throws,” replied

One of the golden butterflies.

Tamar tiring plainly, in her
Desperate struggle with cancer
The elder of the butterflies:
Said with love and empathy:

“Fight with prayer and trust;
It’s a must, to battle cancer!”  

“So you see,” said another
Of the golden butterflies:
“All such things makes cancer
Rush and leap, and sometimes

Go to sleep, and never ever
Again, to return!”

And Tamar smiled, for a long
While, and felt she was not yet
Beat, for she had: hope, faith,
Prayer and belief (optimism).

October 8, 2016/#5356.  Originally an idea, written down and kept alive, from 1987. And never fully processed, nor completed until now. The Last tale Dr. Siluk had ever written, and since has written no others (other than the six between 1981-1984, six tales total, and the seventh, the Tamar the Turtle, never published)  You can see the quality of his writings now compared to those 29-yars ago, in that they were more simplified, perhaps for the better who’s to say.