Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Rise to Power ((Nowhere into Nothing)(revised))

  The Rise to Power
(Nowhere into Nothing)


The melancholy of today’s world appears to me more profound than that of any other age in history, if not that, modern history, I do not believe the ancients ever seen the black hole that resides just in front of us, nor did but a few dream or loom ahead of time to see the immutable ebony in store for our age.  Today in America in this new 2016 presidential election there is no crying out, no convulsions, nothing but the fixity of a gaze on what has taken place, is taking place, with not many issues being answered.  Even after Christ has come, and the old gods put away once and for all, thus we are at a unique moment in history, where man quickly finds God, or stands alone, and too many don’t want God involved at all. It’s called people power.
       Having said that, my aim has been to describe as accurately as I can within the convicts of nonfiction the beginning of the end of my experience, more as a document for posterity, for surely this will end up being the most tumultuous era in Human History, as is this election. This sketch, or commentary, or story, I’m not sure what to call it, perhaps an essay, will go into my forthcoming book, and ninth book of nonfiction short stories, one of 150-total stories: “Nowhere into Nothing,” and this story in itself, seems to permit that. In so saying, my paper, will be perhaps panned towards the conservative side of America’s Republic, its democracy, its state, that appears to be swaying toward a monarchy.
. . .

There are 16-days and a wakeup, to go before America picks a new president to lead them for another four years. What we all may agree upon, and perhaps not much else, the media, the Democrats, and many of the Republicans, the FBI, and the Justice Department, our present president Obama, and Hillary Clinton, along with her Husband Bill, along with a number of billionaires, and Wall Street, are anti-Donald Trump, dangerously so. Fox News being the exception, and perhaps one newspaper is for Mr. Trump, or if not for, fair, The Wall Street Journal, which is the largest Newspaper in the United States by circulation (dating back to 1889); Fox News reaches 94.7-million households. Fox news has been biased toward the Republican Party, but so has the rest of the media been biased toward the Democratic Party. Thus, if Mr. Trump is elected it will be in part by Fox News, surely by no other media outlet, especially: the biased New York Times, or ABC, or CBS, NBC and CNN, and so, Trump should thank Marvin Davis, Fox is the only   network for him. And Trump can thanks Fox New Radio likewise, a satellite station, and Fox News Latino (FNC). These newspapers, such as the Washington Post, and alike are more concerned over whom Mr. Trump’s bumping into folks, thus taking his inventory, and no one else’s. Overlooking, the building up of war in Syria, where now estimates of death have been 450,000, or the nuclear race North Korea, who now owns the Atomic bomb, or the  buildup of Iran’s military might, and Russia’s invasion of the Middle East. Henceforward, to me something smells fishy in Denmark, and I’ve never even been there.  On another note, the 50,000-Wikileaks no one knows where they are originating, many say Russia that could be a convenience for the DNC, to escape the notoriety, or turbulence they are bringing forth, but why are we more concerned with the massager than the message. I mean, should we not be getting these from our own government? No we don’t want a foreign power mixed up in American politics, but we do want American politics to be on the up and up, and evidently they are not (or is the OJD). Pointing fingers making deals, selling uranium to Russia, than blaming Russia for their propaganda machine ((which also could involve the Clinton Pay for play schemes) (the question begs an answer as Mr. Trump brought out in the last of the three debates how does a devoted servant of our republic become a one-quarter billionaire working for the government, a question never answered)).  This dear reader, like it or not, is what is going on. And yet the DNC cries Mr. Trump will push the red nuclear button, which Hillary says we got a 4-minitue coffee break before the nukes come (who is telling secrets?) and it would seem not talking to the Russians would bring it on sooner or manic state of affairs; like President Nixon, whom brought China to the bargaining table, by keeping the door open with dialogue. I remember his trip to China quite well. On another note, Mr. Trump is quite fixed in his Trump Tower that looks more like the Tower of Babel, and his apartment more like that of Nero’s palace, ever want to put 100-million dollars into a Presidential Race, when he’s got all the power a person can want.  Matter of fact, he could buy Hillary, for a sum, had he not run for the presidency. This election is become more like the previous one in Venezuela, where there was a recall that never took place, stalled for whatever reasons.
       As I was about to say, or saying the majority of the media is on the DNC side, no matter how much hypocrisy is on the side of the DNC’s top dog. This race has nothing to do with race, or gender, or shouldn’t have, except for those who’d like to see a female president at any cost, and those who went out of their way to see a black president take charge of the White House. And I doubt those folks have not counted the coast, such as Obama care, and taxes, and business shutdowns, and the price tag for having open borders, to which we owe 20-trillion dollars thus far, half of that within Obama’s 8-years as president, and the other ten-trillion, one can count on his ten fingers, the previous ten presidents, total. Some of this price tax will insure there will be a political agenda for religions in America, and the 2nd Amendment will be modified, if not by Congress, by executive order, indirectly, and Hillary has so indicated. And we moan and groan about the poor Syrians, Hillary wants to let into America, at an alarming cost, on humanitarian grounds 65,000-more Islam Muslims, and who’s to say, there isn’t a group of ISIS in them, to which the ISIS said they have infiltrated these masses.  And so many Syrians are being killed, on the other hand not even 20% of the count of abortions in America, to which as risen to three-million a year. Again I have to say where the pretense is, if not clear we are blind, or which to look the other way. There is an old saying, ‘Create a problem, go solve it, and you become the hero.’  This is what I believe has taken place.
       And one of the biggest problems that appears to be embedded into our American election this year is one overlooked, George Soros (born 1930), Hungarian-Jew, who became an American business magnate, worth 23-billion dollars, wanted by the Russian government, by President Putin himself for worldwide corruption, whom would seem to be—if Hillary is elected—her shadow. And surely his dream to federalize a police force in America will come about (and is perhaps already paid for), and Black Lives Matter along with Million Hoodies Movement (for Justice) will come about, and be part of the DNC, as it is now, but ever so stronger.  In essence what I am saying is this Democratic Ticket has many faces on it Mr. Obama, Miss Obama, the Bushes, George Soros, the head of the FBI, the 90% of the Media, a Vice President that would like to take Trump in the back of a gym and punch him out, which he voiced publicly; and Kaine, Sanders, and the Justice Department.
      So we have now a president whom is quite the orator, and Donald Trump who is quite charismatic, and Hillary who is political cunning, and quite the intellect in political science, and perhaps unrivaled, who’s not afraid of war, but doesn’t get the job done when push comes to shove, like Obama, like to like: and will surely not elect one conservative to the Supreme Court, thus, babies killed on the last day of the woman’s ninth month cycle,  and we have four to be replaced. And it would seem for women Sharia Law is right over the Horizon, to which the Muslim community in Minneapolis, Minnesota has already voice their opinion, that it has precedence over the American Constitution, so women, get your coverings ready. Sharia Law has already penetrated America. Islamophobia, the left calls it. The Right calls it Civil Law, and that Allah, the moon god, is greater than all other god, in this case, greater than Christianity. 
It doesn’t look good for the GOP, but if Trump is elected, it doesn’t look good for the DNC. Although it looks very possible the GOP will win the Senate.  So the question comes up, who will, or even wants to, safeguard against the unscrupulous ambitions of Washington. Yes, it is a riveting tumult. Hillary is viewed to be a dictator who encompasses the most epic events in American History, and Obama has nearly brought America to collapse, liken to the Roman Empire Republic. True or not (for everyone has an opinion and this history will be written by the following generation), this is how it is seems by many today and to me; some even calling Hillary the curse of many assimilations that have taken place, although unproven, not so unlike in the days of Mark Anthony, Cicero, Pompeii, and Julius Caesar, to get rid of rivals or potential hazards ahead of time.
       All this, has been very corrosive in effect to our American saga, and will be written by other people, much better than I. It would seem, the United Nations soldiers are ready to take their place within our state system, and over our Stately Police Force, should we sign our independence over to the UN, as Obama trims back our military machine to that of a third world country. It’s not a good portrait I paint, but it is what I see. Someone wrote, “Is 50% of American people blind, can’t they see the republicans are mad!”  Many of us have lost friends over this election, because we are trying so hard to persuade others to our side, in doing so, it is called manipulation. Can’t that lady see, 50% of the Americans are Democrats, that Republicans think are blind, it’s a two way street. Once I was looking for a job, back in 1971, after I got out of Vietnam, and the person who was hiring me, told me “You got to persuade these people to buy this product, do you understand?”  And I said, “Yes sir, I do understand you want me to manipulate them!” He fired me before he hired me. This is why we are losing friends.
. . .

       I don’t know who will win (my prediction would be Trump even though he looks to be on the losing side; it’s an intellectual selection, not an emotional one, in 200-years there has not been a Democrat three times in a row, and in over a hundred years other statistics indicate a win) 17-days to go, or as I said, 16 and a wakeup,  and I’ve never been quite involved with such a selection between two tree toads, who both think they are immortal gods, and I hear all the people who are going to leave America if this one or that one wins, with 330-million Americans that will not much matter one way or another, that’s simply vanity talking or in the case of Obama and Hillary and the FBI commander, it might be wise, lest they end up behind bars.  But what can I leave this story or essay with that is positive, how can I end it with some architectural good? Let me try: we must look on the high, contemplate who will do the most good (for our liberties are at stake), no longer bother with the gossip of the common herd, the media that want to sell papers, exploit reputation, self-serving. We must (and people should know) people die, high and low common folks equally like aristocrats are blotted out with forgetfulness, of posterity. Some scornful blotted out, and they will only be remembered, when people try to take their place for good, because they were of no value. And all that will remain of us is what someone, somewhere has written down about us, and of our times, and what they thought of us: what we leave behind, stays behind.

#1191 10-22-2016 (draft) D.L. Siluk© 10-2016 (revised)