Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Black King

 When I wrote my manuscript, 1984, the fulfillment of end time Biblical prophecy was just becoming possible. To which I had 53-visions. Now Israel has once again become a nation, and its 12-tribes have returned, the last being in my life time, from Ethiopia, in 1985, plus they have been allowed to leave Russia, but not so until after I wrote the MS.  Israel became a nation in 1948, a year after my birth.  Also, Jerusalem now is the Jewish Capital, all prophecy coming alive in my life time; I’ve told God it is great to have been living in the times of Adam or his ancestors, or these end times, to be a part of it. Just the full return of the Jews is one hung sign of the end time events, and prophecy. Those who are doubters, you will be on the eve of obliteration after the rapture of faithful Christians, for soon the arrival is the great tribulation.   It is mounting this very minute as I write this letter of sorts, the great deception is taking place, and the Beast, the Antichrist is at hand. Not only in America are half its inhabitant’s blind, but Europe as well, and worldwide.  Daniel foretells of this time period. A time when God will make reconciliation for iniquity, that is why we are seeing Obama trying to get America into a new world order, and Hillary into globalism, and the United Nations to take over America.  It is why Obama is making America weak, and allowing a flood of Muslims into the country, once there is disorder, weakness, and we become fearful, and frail, inside, and scared outside, Obama will say: for our own safety we must go under the UN umbrella, if it is not Obama, it will be his shadow, or a like person. In any case we have now historically completed the time period Daniel infers are his 69-weeks of years, and to back track Daniel even tells us when the Messiah will come before he comes, but be rejected.  The last seven years of his prophecy is not yet historically fulfilled, this time period comes after the time of the Gentiles (review Luke chapter 21).  The time of the Gentiles is a time of God’s grace to world nations, a time to come and trust in Jesus Christ, not Islam, the Devil’s choice. And one must remember, God will blind those who deny him time after time for them wishing to keep their sinful ways as has too many of our world leaders, blinded themselves to understandings, and lost wisdom, and are now being allow to condemn themselves, and they are taking a lot of folks with them. One of the forthcoming signs which to a certain degree has already played a part in Israel’s confirmations of a covenant with world leaders, to which they have made already, one being with Egypt, and have tried to make them with Jordan, and Syria, and those Bulls of Bashan, countries that border Israel. The wars of 1967, and 1972, Israel gave back desert land to Egypt to keep peace, and Gaza to Palestine, to keep peace; for those years is what can be called Israel’s trouble years, or better said “Jacob’s Trouble”.  In the Book of Revelation, we see 1260-days John is talking about as days of great tribulation, before Jesus  comes back to earth in great power and glory and destroys all the armies of the world, that the beast or Antichrist has deceived. In my book “The Last Trumpet…” we see the False Prophet, Obama perhaps is a connecting, but poor example of whom he will be, he is already present, but he will be cast alive into the lake of fire, and Obama and Hillary, likewise with him. Now the bible says he will deceive the world, that means only a certain sum of us will understand, I have known Obama’s wishes since before he became president, how, I don’t know, but I’ve been writing about them ever since, and everyone has been telling me “Give him chance, he’ll be a good president,” now I hear that with Hillary. This is the blind leading the blind, or people just purely brainwashed.  Those who say they are Christian and have pushed the Christian doctrine to the side like the voice of the potential Democratic Vice President who claims to be a Catholic, is far from it— he hold no Christian values, he may go to Church, but so does Satan! If you do not understand what I am saying, you are among the blind, so I can’t expect you to understand, but you can read this, and repent, and God may indeed give you wisdom again, if you ever had it. Jesus warned us of this forthcoming discourse, and the worst destruction on earth is just hanging on a thread. The Beast is not only a person but a system, and Satan will have his followers worship him, he is the counterfeit god of this world. Christians may have to give up their lives, but they will be restored during these troubled times.  I am getting old, I very well may not see the fulfillment of this, but should I live a long and healthy life into my early to late 80s, it is possible, but those who have come after me, that generation and the following generation will see it clearly. All the world inclinations, correlations appear to indicate the Beast, and Antichrist, if you wish to separate them, will be on scene soon, the Antichrist, and if I was to take a leaping guess was born in the late sixties, perhaps 1969.  So a good year for this tribulation seven-year period to begin, may very well be in the late 2020s or early 2030s. It is in the makings now.

#1167/October 4, 2016.