Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The House of Rats (The New World Order)


 (The 2016 Presidential Elections, in America)

Part One of Two
Many people do not understand what is going on (this year and month of October, 2016, as the presidential election is taking place, and it will be talked about for the next decade), but they sense something is, and it is that a New World Order is trying to take the old order out and develop itself in its place; and President Obama is bringing it in, and he wants Hillary Clinton to do the rest of the undone work, that is why he has committed the United States to becoming part of the United Nations, and the World Court System (forming Globalism—and planting it in cement).  Bill Clinton will be appointed head of the United Nations should it develop as they have planned, by the power behind the White House, or President Hillary Clinton herself will do the pushing, and that is why Obama got mad at England for stepping out of place, stepping out of the European Union, because they want the EU part of it and England is one of the three main sources of the power grid in the EU; and the left (or Democrats, the liberals) in America are going along with it for whatever reasons, either they are blind, or they know not the consequence, or they want the New World Order in place,  or Satan has covered their eyes (this of course is all to be expected; it is all written in the Book of Revelation, and unfolding as I write this). 
       By letting all the undocumented Muslims and Mexicans and South Americans, it presents a problem not only financially that takes money away from Veterans, and Social Security recipients, but taxes our Security System, brings in chaos, and that is what they want: the credo of Islam it is to rule the world at any cost, or cave it in (and who is behind it: the Mohammeden Satan). Thus comes Martial Law, and this government is willing to kill to get the New Order in place, so the Mohammedan Satan can establish his kingdom on earth. They got the FBI, they are trying to get the CIA, and the whole law system behind them, and need now to get the Supreme Court under their fingertips, and should they get that we will end up with a new Bill of Rights, and Constitution that is so saturated, waterlogged, worthless, with Obamaism, it will be likened to ‘I, Claudius,’ or George Orwell’s ‘1984’ or  ‘The Divine Comedy’ (in the latter, for the liberals)  and we can add to that ‘Things Fall Apart,’ by Chinua Achebe—; as we now see in Europe, especially in Paris, one has to show his/her ID to go into a public bathroom, and Congress can do nothing. 
       In years to come we will look back at the year 2016 and say, the first awareness of a strange peril took place,  no one recognized it until it was too late, a sand-storm of unprecedented fury covered the eyes of America’s presidential election.
       And I do believe if Mr. Donald Trump is elected, we will see a presidential recall, and/or Civil War. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t doubt if Obama, starts a war with Russia to detract, before his term is over, that will bring forth an extended presidential period for him. But of course this is hindsight, retrospection.
       Let us not forget, ISIS was created for a purpose, to stagnate Europe and America, with undocumented Arabs; had America wished to have invaded Syria and taken out its leadership, it very well could have done so prior to its great flood of refugees crossing over into lands with no boarders, blotted out the common rules of nations, swept over diabolically Europe’s liberties, and that to, was an opening for a the New World Order.  Russia is a regional power, America a global power, Russia with our help, is acting like a global power, and America a regional power. And many of our Cities and States, such as Chicago, and Minnesota, are becoming lawless, with the liberal sewage, lifestyles they are advocating, with abortion, and killing cops, and wanting to kill whites, and Muslims having no limits, or disciplines, and Black Lives Matter being treated as if they were gifts sent by God, rather than Satan; no different than the KKK, or ISIS.  Plus, in war, and I’ve been in the military for eight-years, we don’t tell the enemy our next step, like not putting boots on the ground, such as our leaders are doing this very minute, as if they want American Soldiers to get killed, and another 400,000-Syrians. And now we see the renegades from the Republicans, like reptilians, running over to the left, or Democrats, the New Order, side. You don’t need to be a military genius to figure out that you don’t tell the enemy where you’re going to kick them, in High School logic, a wrester never tells his opponent, I’m going for your right leg next.    
       When history is written, they will shake their heads at our present day leadership. And as for congress, like our president, should be limited to two terms: too much power too long is wrong, as well as our Supreme Court judges, whom are likened to the Pope, are in office until they are laid in the grave; thus, they go from generation to generation, like our welfare system.

Part Two of Two

If you are asking yourself “Why does Satan or for that matter anyone want a New World Order, when the United States indirectly already controls the world? Thus why mess it up?”  First of all, any true scholar will tell you, it has been proven the Koran has been corrupted, not the Bible, nor has any Muslim scholar proven otherwise. It is most difficult even for Muslims to understand the meaning of its Arabic verses, especially those considered ceremonial ablutions, and much of the text is unintelligible. The Koran claims Allah is God who inspired the Old and New Testaments, the Muslim is also directed to observe the Torah and the Gospels, given to them by Allah. So the Muslim must accept what the Bible teaches, according to their study, and yet the Bible rejects the Koran.  What a dilemma for them, but I’m getting off my subject. Satan is using Islam simultaneously with creating the New World Order to attain his goal, “Worldwide Worship!”  That is his main objective. Power yes, control yes, he has these things already though, for the most part (that is why he offered them to Christ), he is the king of the world in that sense. And Christ said, his kingdom was not of earth. By far, Muslim apologetics reject the rules of logic and evidence (apologetics meaning, presenting a defense for…); they are unrepentant. We live in a House of Rats.  Islam, defends Islam by discrediting Christianity and Judaism, like in this presidential election of –2016, as Hillary is trying to discredit Mr. Trump, which is in essence really ad hominem arguments of an offensive nature.

#1177 (Written: 10-10-2016 thru 1012-2016)