Saturday, April 30, 2016

War, all ‘Cow flop’ (Vietnam, 1971)

War, all ‘Cow flop’
(Vietnam, 1971)

The war in Vietnam was everything       that one didn’t understand—
Frankly,      I didn’t at all.
They, the Vietnamese, the Vietcong, were a lot of noisy slant-eyed rats in a trap.
The trap that the U.S. and Europe’s industrial Cow flop made    (which made millionaires, billionaires).
Although at the time I failed to notice     it,     that that was a fact.
Soldiering had had an impact on me      for war and Vietnam:    word for word    I never hated the V.C., we
called them       gooks,    not sure what it meant,     perhaps,  ‘guerilla’       a word somebody invented to
dehumanize the enemy    so we could kill them like rats, swat them life flies
                                            and we did… (three million of them)

Although they did look a tinge pale with secretive eyes,   eyes of a wolf—
I didn’t feel warmth or coldness for them, sorry to say, indifference.

Why did I go when I was deferred?
To understand war     in spite of everything    and to go away       far-away!
But it was all cow flop, anyway!

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