Thursday, April 14, 2016

Padlock to Hell’s Door

From The Hyperborean Mythos

Padlock to Hell’s Door
(‘The Seeds of Time’)

All that he learned, Pachacuti E, and saw and did was never told, or written down, but he did leave a journal of sorts for me, moreover, a brief written account, more like a letter, in his Peruvian native tongue –Quechua—   … and now I understand why E did not write down everything. He viewed unfailingly, repulsion he had no words for; on the other hand, it became of a morbid interest in the ‘seeds of time.’ To my understanding much he reframed from witnessing, doing, consuming. And many of the times he wished he had a Rosary, although not Catholic, and I’m unsure even if he was a Christian or of any certain faith, he just mentioned it in passing, but as he also told me, ‘What is done is done,’ it sounds like a quote from Macbeth, and he wrote me, Dr. D.L. Siluk, ‘I fear, Ayre, by this, this day’s end you shall see me no more, nor shall I set sight, again of the sun? Long ago, I had found the padlock to hell’s door? To its eldritch passages. This is my newest state. When I am in this world, I am a rat without a tail! Habit and curiosity kills the cat but most of us end up doing and doing and as if owing, giving to the wind one’s senses, intuitions. The devils have given me a new name, Yima.’

My dear friend, E, a fascinator of the ultimate abyss, with persistent curiosity,  entered the netherworld some seventeen-years ago, including the deeper part of Hell’s abode called Tartarus, into Hell’s cyclopean eldritch cyclopean ruins, and passages, and chambers, into its macabre parlors.  He witnessed the phenomena of the devils, imps, unfamiliar spirits, undescriptive beings, their breathless and nameless subsidiary beasts, and monstrous fiends: their human metamorphoses forming’s from: devil to man, to creature, and back again (powerless to form any satisfactory picture of the visual features of his near daily life visits of these metamorphoses, he gave no more of a description): dematerializing and rematerializations, as they go forth and returned, to the outer-world, as they call the surface of earth.  His very capacity I shall explain in time, call it astonishment, but not magic, bluntly I repeat, there is no magic to this (although he said—in passing--there was black magic being performed in the ultimate abyss, below Tartarus, in some ice frozen pocket or chasm of earth), candidly I repeat, there is no magic to this, it is just part of the supernatural worlds around us. And he is no superhero, yet he has such DNA, yes, DNA that cause disease, and mutations that to most who should have developed debilitating diseases, his DNA counters it, and more.
       Before I go on about Mr. E’s last days, that being, the last day I heard from him, —I shall explain him to you a bit more clearly. He was outside the radius of most human beings. Although he was no ‘Superman’ he did come from what is called an Exoplanet, semi genetically; such planets had at one time atmospheres likened to earth, and their host sun bombarded them with torrent high energy radiation, burning up their atmosphere, mostly because of their orbit being too close to their star-sun. These super-Earths, are twice the size of earth, if not ten-time Earth’s size, and/or massiveness.  And in due time because of the sun’s rays, shrink in size.
       To my understanding from what he said, or I think he said, I’m a slight foggy on recall, he spoke rapidly and sketchy on his father’s background, but that he came from the Alpha Centauri System, or the nearest star system some 25-trillion miles away.
       I told him it would take “…30,000-years to travel that distance in a spaceship to earth!”
       And he replied, “How about 30-years, take or give a one or two… his spacecraft was pushed out of our planet’s orbit by a giant lazar, and once on his way, he  traveled  along by light rather than wind, reaching 20% the speed of light”
       His father came from what we call a ‘super Earth’ and that of his mother being Earth born and a high plains Peruvian, they mated. And it would seem such a mutation as I talked about took place, in that it allowed E in time to make those novelty visits, to the utter horrors of Hell’s roots.  And he told me, the devils took it as an invasion, if not intrusion, upon their domain, that is, as time progressed; by and large, he made more and more visits, longer and longer. Hence, he was the subject, of much talk, of his transmogrifications, his body adjustments, in those domains.
       On one occasion he whispered to me in the left ear, at ‘Starbucks’ at the ‘Mall del Sur,’ in Lima, “So weird they look hand in hand, these hermaphrodites some Archkings of legions, Queen Litittis of Atlantis, with one, as they kissed in the great Sacred Grove, that sunk 13,000 B. C., under the Azores.  Many walk aimlessly with grief-pierced hearts, weird phosphorescence, I’ve seen Atlantis’ ‘Gates of Day’ and what is left of the Archkingdom.  I even visited some of the spirits that walk the sea, the imperial Crown Jewels of Atlantis, the Forsaken Palace, the Port of Poseidon, the prophet Mohammad, Kubla Khan, Roland’s hall, it is a land of darkness, beneath the Azores, and Tartarus. Why the devils do not stop me, interfere with my moseying about, bewilders me!  So foul are the days I spend there, they themselves are so weird and wild in their attire. They far from look like the inhabitants of earth!”
       I told him, “You seem to understand them and this land of darkness, quite well, so much so it has enchanted you?”
       He hesitated, paused thereafter to say anything for a long moment, it was to him all fantastical. To me, very dangerous, in that now he greets his visits with grace and prediction, to the point he appears to be wrapped in them.  If only he could have looked into the ‘…seeds of time,’ as Macbeth inferred, and said, ‘…which grain will grow, and which will speak then to me….’

As time progressed within those seventeen-years the longer I knew him, the more he became bored, restless, cruel, revolt like upon his returns. He became more comic for him as he spoke about his visits to me, a sadism, with a growing desire to escape into the non-physical world, a half-spectral state. And then it happened!
       I shall not spend a large expenditure of time in telling this sad ending which was inevitable, and prowess confirms, the thrones of Tartarus, and their kinsmen, such as Agaliarept, Henchman to Lucifer, and general of five legions, and Arch Devil Belphegor and the demons known as the order of: Tagaririm, these demons and Belphegor’s leaders, with the mystical teachings, have long awaited for my dear friend, and knew the signs, assumed the signs,  using the zodiac to: conform or be in conflict with whom they should devilize, then wait to the last minutes of his or her dying, they are even measured by one’s worth, and Mr. E was worth the wait. I would not have wished him to a fair-minded death as his, yet under such circumstances, what did he expect, more a statement than a question.  What did he imagine? Who’s to say! Whatever the case, his worth was worth more sorrow, for he shall never come closer to more comfort than what he had had, had he not ventured to those forbidden limits, and he did not part well, although who’s to say. But let me finish my account, and his last words.
       I repeat, and then it happened, he died, and all efforts to leave came to nothing, a halt, his curiosity killed the cat, figuratively speaking, that is to say, his repeated desires to return to the devil’s abode; that said,        somehow he fancied leaving me these last notes, having delivered them to me by some earthly magnetic substance, and some of his last words were: “What is done is done” a phrase he came to using often. And about this time he knew he was guarded by creatures of the netherworld, forces he feared to oppose, I assume he was quite dead at the time, or nearly, and too fearful and too weak to return to the outer-world physically. Thus, he found his way in, and as such enjoyed a privilege, if you can call it that, that few people, if any have, to see what awaits men of evil. And his very last words I shall now quote, “What’s is done is done, I am drained of all flesh and self-defense. The devils have drained me dry as with bone with no marrow.”

Written: 11 & 12 of April, 2016