Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Purple Heaven (For a Prince)

Purple Heaven
(For a Prince)

I heard he went to Purple Heaven    Prince, where it rains      purple all day 
Where there are purple dinosaurs, enormous      with leaping                       flanks
And tearing teeth      plated armor     nothing can stand in his way      hero of Minnesota   
                                                   monarch of Paisley Park!
Not even sabre-tooth tigers and all      only high fanged
                 waiting for his bones 
Indifferent to morals,       hypertrophied saint!  Of 1st Ave.
Jehovah Witness, grinning like a skull     even President Obama made a call       and his rain-drenched super crowed…
Five feet tall       cremated with honors   faster than a gross hopper can jump (recovered drug addict, alcoholic?)
The dead have been waiting for him       gnashing their  
He was their loyal       captain.    Crack his bones to hold him       down!    Lucifer will release him soon.

#5180 / 4-25-2016

Note:  Prince, the Pop Star, from the 1980’s, died Thursday 21-April, 2016 (?), of last week, at the age of 57-years old, it is said, because of the flue, his post-mortem examination has yet to be released.  The author used to hang around the 1st Avenue nightclub in the ‘80s, and all the bars thereabouts, writing his poetry, and having it published in the newspaper “Insight” a black newspaper, until they found out he was white and he went to one concert of Prince’s. If there is room in heaven for him, there is room for anybody.  For whatever hero statues he holds, I can’t figure it out. We don’t pick out heroes as we used to in the old days that’s for sure.