Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sounds of a Morning

Sounds of a Morning

The wind is soft on me today       the birds chipper
a rooster croaks        far away
The train’s whistle is blown     it is April in Lima Peru
car horns honk,    Juan is hammering away       putting in a new water pipe for my wife       Rosa

human sounds in the background
                                                                   a dog barks?

I think he’s Lion, Gabriela’s pup!

I can hear, wood being shifted all-about every-which-way—
            Juan is still hammering away,
            went to the bathroom five times       this morning;
and it’s still morning.

I can even hear     the wind!
it’s liberating (here on my patio rooftop) —

I think I’ll have a Big Mac for lunch
heard a car door shut

Juan is earning his money, busting a gut, two days on this water pipe…!

Sounds like a neighbor has a quail       I’m surprised my

neighbors don’t have their radios loud       as hell!

Down the block I hear police horns honking       that’s about all.

#5183 / 4-26-2016