Monday, June 1, 2015

He Cursed his Mother to Death

He cursed his mother, night and day.
Who night and day had carried him in her body for nine months!
And bore him on her breasts, for more than a thousand times!
And supported him for forty-years thereafter.
She beseech him, to ask God to pardon him—
Before she died like a Christian.
But he was the cause of her death, a grieving heart can do no less.
And God asked, upon his arrival “What manner of man is this?”
And he spoke not one word, he was speechless.
And by the sound of a bell, he was cast down to hell.
For this manner of man, would give no quarter, nor confession, nor reverence nor devotion, nor reason or rhyme.
For as it had been and remained, he gave at every wisp of the wind, a curse to his mother, for no reason.
He delighted in the profanity, he gave his mother, not carrying one way or the other if God and his saints were watching.
Thus, he lived and died, this man, and remains in the hands of the Devil in Hell, his name is Fernando.

No: 4779 / Written 5-28-2015