Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Vile Hypocrisy of Abu

A Tale for the Times:
The Vile Hypocrisy of Abu
(In Poetic Prose) 1999-2015

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, scorns and warns!

Author’s Analogue:

Alas, all that my old age calls for: sleep and restfulness, I still must write this tale I plainly see; thus I shall have to load my frail shoulders, take pen in hand, and write for by the devil’s evil and my sweat; I am fed to do so. On this I am resolved, and shall call it by name ‘A Tale for the Times!’ and somewhere add a subtitle. And as you will read, or perhaps be able to see, the Devil’s inmate, will be—and in this case, he and his comrades in arms, have already and continue to be—storming across Iraq and Syria with a sting of fury.


So they went on, and on, rising and rising, the militant group, called the Islamic State, and their Army, wasting, pillaging, and stealing, killing men, women, children, and the elderly alike, in the clap of an eye. And the world outside the Middle East did little to nothing, in the years of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2014 and 2015 A.D. In doing what they did— near nothing, thus, nothing was too hot or too heavy for them—the world being too busy with the crisis in the Ukraine over a Russian invasion, and China expanding its trumped-up territorial rights, with might: push and shove, in the South China Sea, always testing the waters to see how the United States will react; Iran and North Korea, with their touch and go trick and slick dialogue while building up of their nuclear arsenals, to do what? Only God knows, or perhaps the Devil too! …. So IS, they continued to do what they know best, do best: trashing and smashing ancient ruins, humankind’s artifacts representing their ancient cultures, roots: demolished overnight! All in the name of Allah 19, of whom to the Muslim, and   Mohammed Islam’s prophet,  is the one God, Lord of Heaven and Earth, not necessarily the same Trinitarian God considered by the Christian, —throughout  Iraq and Syria, with grueling fury; with spit and spite, labor and might; alongside: infiltrating, fighting Syrian Kurds, and the Iraqi government, the Kurdish society, the Syrian government, and ducking from the warplanes of the North Americans dropping bombs hitter-skitter, hitting every-which-way, whom have protested when asked to put their soldiers’ heels on the ground, and for good reason, after a ten-year war, and draining the American economy of its resources, hesitate out of dissatisfaction.  And although the bombing by the Americans do, and are doing their job well: of seek and destroy, with well over 500-sorties16 below their wings thus fare, leaving black spots amid open terrain, in buildings, trenches, on mountain tops, across bridges, fortifications, destroying bunkers, mosques and local townships laying bare to be seen, eaten by scavengers such as: vultures, jackals, local dogs, rats, ants, worms, pulling and stretching out human entrails, scattered brains, sucking up pools of blood, gnawing at the bone marrow of entrenched in arms and legs; the wild beasts have their choice of a  heap of dead thus far; and the dying pell-mell, recklessly looking for shelter beneath the footsteps of those supersonic jetfighters, and for the pilots everything remains motionless out of sight out of mind, everything is a diagram within the cockpit on screen hence the dying unseen; the dying, dying with open mouths, arms out spread, soldiers holding their weapons in disarray, steeped in blood that which has been thrown from a distance cover their faces, splashed onto their attire. And they ask, nearly beg the Americans to terminate this means of “Show of force,” lest they behead one of America’s own, the US journalist James Foley, abducted in Syria in 2012 and Steven Sotloff, captured in 2014, but the shower of bombs keep coming no matter what; matter of fact, President Obama expanded the military campaign against IS1, ‘You don’t deal with the devil’ says the pentagon in essence, casting Abu and Satan as: like to like, liars. And the earth trembles with the shock of the bombings and everywhere those heavy American pebbles command respect, yet again all is known, this alone will not halt the willed enemy, for total victory it will be the foot soldier, and the willing.  Even wounding severely Abu, the war needs to be won by the defenders of the land, the Iraqi Soldier, whom, for some odd reason, expects the world to take the lion’s share of the burden, or so it would seem. IS, a branch always heading towards Baghdad, always heading towards Baghdad, Damascus being already theirs? Contest all within its sights. Some Sunni leaders welcomed them, some not, some give an intrepid exhalation, a long and arduous moan of triviality if not meaninglessness.
       If Abu had his way he would spit upon the placidity of peace; in a like manner, Abu spoke aloud in the dark of war, putting on his right boot first, henceforward, making a strict sign in his discipline for the world to see: for those under his command to have no mercy.
       When the Americans left Iraqi Abu saw Iraq was a  newly discovered amulet, found by chance at a moment of peril, because there was a void in the country, and all put aside: they could and world, start blackmailing the Middle East, by and by. The United States Pentagon has been and continues to be alerted time and again to this dilemma, then Ramadi fell, how could this be? Eight-hundred IS soldiers terrorizing over 30,000-Iraqis. Thereafter, militants went door to door, looking for sympathizers, thousands fled the city, becoming refugees, and those who stayed got killed. The priests, preachers, physicians, philosophers, professionals of all kinds; surgeons, lawyers, merchants, they all followed, one after the other, trying to escape this apocryphal militia. The cities throughout large portions of Syria and Iraq, by order of this leading warmonger, were ravaged, and those who stayed—the poor devils—knew not which saint to pray to for many were Christians, or what devil to hide behind, for those who were pagan, and the unwilling Muslim, he too was no exception. And behind stone walls stood Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi15, or better known to his supporters as Amir al-Mu’minin, the Caliph Ibrahim, 15 thinking he was safe and sound, as once Mohammed did in Mecca.


Abu, young gallant, jovial resourceful, bold, resolute, with a fine outstanding nose, mocking the world, waving his index finger—as if he was the incarnation of Black Death—as  if it is all a joke, carrying on this atrocious war.  A Muslim, in farce dogma, to his very teeth; that is to say: he was, still is, an imposter, pretending to be Islamic by nature not by decorum or protocol, far from it! Furthermore, using it for a shield, it remains a sham, or better put: a mockery, this he displays to his very knees with no reprieve, and thinks: ‘Why relinquish now, — why should I start sacrificing all I have done to make Islam a tool for my personal confederation of war against the world.’ Which is his ultimate goal, which he has done so very well, so far ((like the warrior-gods of old—in the first century of Islam, even announcing himself as Caliph Ibrahim, or God’s Deputy he is inspiring fear; in addition, trying to change the face, and the name of his cutthroats, to become a state, or caliphate, and he being its caliph)(to Abu, it is to no purpose to adore Islam, it is a name and nothing more—it is a means to an end, which is a continued Jihad on the West if not the world as a whole but first things first, he must control the Middle East, then make the course of Islam, without any attempt to understanding its meaning and at the same time changing its will: destiny and death!))
        He is now the world’s new Enemy No: 2 (with a ten-million dollar bounty on his head) who looks more like a grape picker than a IS Topmost. One who reads the Qur’an daily, yet forgets it meanings, doesn’t practiced its precepts, and as for peace, he is not a peacemaker, more simply a peace preacher, those who do not seek, but preach it in pretense: superintending: ‘The Cow’ from the Qur’an 17, for does it not say:  those who spread discontent in the land will suffer God’s hand—; he has no fear of God or man.  
       Does he not know, God had already balanced and weighed him for his sins, and he is found lacking; indeed, he is in-need, if to avoid the intestines of Sheol20 which is also called Hell or its deeper root: Tartarus. Indeed, he is in-need of a better understanding of God, for knowingly shedding blood, and discontent and a thousand other diabolical rudiments of sin, and threads of sin on top of sin, according to the Qur’an, is condemning. For he has forgotten what God said to Adam: “I know…what you hide?” 17
       He is no different than Iblis8, the Insolent.
       And for those who look for humbleness in this man, as his Sacred Book requires, and as all such believers should have, none will be established. Again he is found wanting, and in-need. This is the man…
Consequently, God sent down an angel to speak to Abu with proverb, a sign which presaged death: “Take heed there will come a day when no intercession will matter. God will make the clouds spread over you and not send manna as He did in the days of Moses, but lightening and fire and death, and plague upon you and your nonsensical others, and all that you will hear is the raucous of the grasshopper, for you and your lot will be buried among them.”
       And the Topmost whispered, for he was bedridden, dying, “No, God will not have retribution, for I am not wicked. I did no worse than Mohammed in his day, when he cutoff the heads of his enemy by the wheelbarrows, and had them taken to the furnaces, and outdoor fires, and buried them deep in the sands of Arabia.”
And the angel understood, who was called by the name Suru’el (for he is of eternity and trembling), “First, Mohammed, he suffered from anger and hate, filaments of Iblis, to which he had inside his breast: to name a few: madness, — the hunger for power by way of war and more war, the hunger to be worshiped, like Lucifer, the lust of Cleopatra of Alexandria. Alas, men imitate, but that is no excuse, you and he will have many days with Iblis to discuss this very matter, as it will be shortly written into: ‘The Book of Deeds.’17 But what I wanted to say, or was about to say, what I came here to say, is: you disgrace God and have become indigent. You have become the apes of the world, despised! To God you are the cow with the blemish, unyoked, and not even good for plowing.”
       And Abu lay there like a dying peacock looking deep into the messenger’s eyes, evasive hiding behind shadows inside his head, like a tree-squirrel hiding his nuts, thinking, thinking, foul-smelling sticken-thinken’: ‘They packed bodies in carts like potatoes, we had no time like them—like  Mohammed—to  find coffin makers, so we buried them in the sands, burnt their remains, dragged them to pits used for reception of filth, some were tied to stakes  as they were inspected, as I have done, and I throw pebbles at their faces, as Mohammed had thrown dirt and dust, to hear them cry out, as they suffered from vague  melancholy, all absorbing the agonies of death to be—I know this, but I was no different than Mohammad; some ate them and spit them out like apple seeds, like Mohammad in his day did, we are justified like he was, defending our faith, we made no mistake, if I am guilty, then Mohammed must be?’
       And the angelic being having been able to read his mind, said, “Remember the “Story of the Cranes” 17 also known as the Satanic Verse, that it involved Mohammed and three Meccan Goddesses. To which he was covering up his lie, by saying the devil tricked him. This is not so unlike you who hide behind shadows, wanting to do away with God’s dicta, for you grudge against the world, you are Satan’s sycophant.” 
      “Mohammed later retracted that statement,” said Abu, “that is, the verses saying Gabriel had instructed him to do so; whereas, Satan had gotten him to drink too much wine, and he messed up the prophecy.” Exclaimed Abu, affirming it was a simple matter of human frailty. All in all, the angel was silent on this matter, he knew Abu was not devoted to God’s cause, that he was guided solely by the prescriptions of his root. For he could see in his face how he enjoyed to see the common people in fear and trembling of him, his name in command, for at one time he was no more than a poor extremist, living in a ramshackle neighbourhood in Baghdad whose passion was football and killing, attached to a small local mosque in Tobchi. For Suru’el this had already taken its course, and accordingly, one does not criticize what already belongs to the past, he was not here to scorn. For he knew he was a very narrow man with very narrow capacities, even though he had letters behind his name, in the form of a Ph.D.
       “It is better to be a fool, and learn from it, but Mohammad was no fool, he was cleaver in his cover up, he was unlearned in his words and phrases, he was not wise in his deception,” countered the angel, then adding, “His heart beat like the sea, his anger was as if he had bees in his mouth; Mecca became a dead city after all the killings 10,000-soldiers strong, he conquered them, butchered them like hogs. The flies had a feast…, for they tore open their bellies: men, woman and child, like beasts! Their heads severed, rolled off and on down the streets—; they would not listen, they would not stop, they simply killed to kill, as if, in a death march. And then danced and drank wine, as you and your horde are familiar with.” 
       Death calm as a statue, did not appear to understand. He actually blushed a little as the angel cast down his eyelids, as if in sorrow, and he stepped closer, as to even make a shadow upon the dying man’s cheeks. Then Suru’el seeing Death so near, said: “It is sad to have watched you so long taking the nonessential and overlooking the essential, as if it is   superficial   this is a man with an unattended mind. It is also sad—as you well know—you  have grieved while alive, and when you pass on—soon to be—you  will grieve more, having to witness over and over  the stain of your actions.   Life has been your torment, here in the present, and will be your torment in the hereafter: like to like: as you enter the land of woe expect no more, — you are like a tree in the wind, a weak tree that bends.” 14
       And no one could see the angel, or hear the holy angel not even Death, but Abu could, and looked as if he was in shock that no one else around his bedsides could; as for the observers, he lay there as if paralyzed, talking to himself, but all feared to interrupt him if undeniably he was having a sacred moment.  And Abu said, “I don’t want to argue with you!”
       Then the angel replied, “Woe to you that say this is from God so you might make some profit, and gain powers. Woe to all you for you will receive His promise: the wages of sin!” 17
       The Muslim now in despair, asked “What have I done wrong to not enter Paradise?”
       “Why should you taste the grape, if you have not fought for the vine? No, God sees what you have done, he has sent for Death and his sickle, and he will chain you to an iron ball, and take you down the road to Tartarus.” Abu, looked at the angel as if he was the Vicar of Islam, with pride, tenacity, as if his sins were trifle.
       Again he asked, “What have I done so wrong to deserve this harsh punishment?” avoiding to give an account of his actions, or a confession!
       “Presumption is a more serious fault than cruelty,” said the seraph.
God’s Holy Angel, Suru’el Approaches

Then Suru’el the archangel, said as a second and completer response—after pulling out of thin air a Black List 18 of his abominations—that  had it been weighed it would have fell to the very bottom of Hell, sank to earth’s most deepest core, and did names a few:
       “You pretend to be something but God sees nothing but emptiness, pretending to be fullness, penury in your soul, you say in your heart ‘why should a Divine Saga6 like Mohammed repine? I have nothing to fret!’ If you knew there was a good man standing by the top of a well, and an evil one at its bottom, you would go sit with the evil one, at its extremity.
       “To start with, your own soldiers throughout Anbar Province7, stumble over the dying and dead quite blinded by the blood that splashes into their faces as they litter the area with black flags, as the unarmed citizens frozen with terror standby and watch, if indeed they haven’t already escaped your terror, to become your next victims. Do you think God cannot see this?
       “And to your original question, what are your offences, your contraventions: You have stranded thousands of Yazidis10 noncombatants, to die without food or water on Mount Sin Jar, killing men, boys, raping and enslaving women, and girls, creating a humanitarian crisis. You have beat out the brains of your brothers, those in the provinces you have conquered in Iraq and Syria, and that is per near any and every one according to your will and temperament at any given moment, not so unlike your territorial army, whom imitated you. And you break their arms and legs, fragmented their neckbands, shattered their kidneys, slit their noses and throats, blackened their eyes, smashed their jaws and brows, knocked their teeth down their throats or onto the streets, and shattered their shoulder blades every-which-way. Even dislocating the thighbones, and cracking the forearms, and you and your horde break the base spines of many, like dogs, and they, were they not, like all mankind, in the image of God! And cutting deep into the necks of those helpless and innocent prisoners with their hands tied behind their backs, with small daggers, stilettos, and kitchen knives, and beheading many without due cause. You place more value in a single brick for a house than for one of God’s creatures. You rape, and call it the spoils of war, helpless women, cutting their hearts out thereafter, and children as well, and fiercely through the navel, you have made their bowels gush out. You have set booby traps throughout the cities you’ve conquered to maim others when you leave, as for the likes of: Mosul, Diyala Salahuddin, Nineveh, Fallujah, Tikrit, Mosul, and you took at will refinery after refinery, and now you’ve captured Palmyra* heading north for Aleppo and north-east to Hasaka. And yet you keep fighting with 17,000-fighters dead, from airstrikes from Jordan and the Americans.  Once all is said and done, you will return to your equated name ‘Daesh Cutthroats,’ for that is what you are, Daesh meaning death, as you well know (also spelled Da’esh).1

The ruins at Palmyra

      Such was the outcry of the seraph who was disgusted to even have had to explain these wrongs, or transgressions of his, as if he was blind to his sacrilegious rampage.  But is it not true, if someone says a transgression is no transgression long enough, he believes it to be so, he believes in his heart and mind, his own lie, and is confounded that others don’t.
       “Islam is a religion of fighters, not peacemakers!” he yelped back at the angel, as if he was some Ancient Carthaginian Pontifex9.
       Suru’el had expected him to cry out:  ‘Tell God to have mercy on me, my soul, and thy hands are dirty!’ but he would not yield, he was not to repent and behind the angel appeared the man with the sickle, Abu was discomfited. And for a moment, Abu fell into a deep sleep, reminiscing what had taken place to make him bedridden: a Scud missile hit his bunker, from 187-miles away, in Nineveh; the ballistic missile did much damage, and he was badly injured; shortly thereafter, he was taken to another location for safety.   
       Asked Suru’el, “Who appointed you God’s Deputy, it wasn’t God?” As Suru’el knew, he had proclaimed publicly to the world this.
       “Far be it from me,” remarked Abu, “to make any such claim,” and he hid his grin, like a schoolboy who stole a wedge of rhubarb from a Chinese garden.
       “You do realize after your death, there will be no expiation given or accepted, on your behalf, calling upon heaven’s spirits, or God you whom you call Allah, to which God does not recognize the character you’ve created him to be, he is quite to the contrary, nor will earth-spirits, or those spirits below perform any lavish deeds for you, again this is a presumption on your part, and that is a deeper sin than unkindness.”
       And this small man was fretful and ill at ease. As Suru’el was affable yet firm, commanding in his speech, but not harsh, polite but easy. And by his silence, Abu renounced the sovereignty of all things under Heaven, and expecting but not getting praise for his rampage he called “For the glory of Allah” from Heaven.
       And Suru’el thought deeply on his silence: saying to himself, and with the very highest pitch of moral power: he has put God in the position of becoming a commotion, a confusion, inflexible, harsh.  As if the common people are nothing to God as he feels they are nothing to him; only does he display God as at his corner of cruelness, and credit God for it, not his goodness. Thus, here was a man dying, and still places himself above all the rest of mankind living: with every attitude, gesture, he employs he does not withdraw any arrogance, or reason for violence, he cannot even remove all traces of coarseness or impropriety from his face, heart and soul. What kind of man is this? He is far from a true Knight of Old Islam, and pretends to be, liken to the old sultan, Saladin, of the Christian Crusades, of the 12th Century 11.
       And then Suru’el said, with dire speech, for he was exasperated with Abu’s retorts: “Wherever you went you created some new disaster in the name of Elohim13, and could you have you would have, and perhaps though you did, think you had forbidden God to learn of your irreverence. I saw you soiling your boots as you crushed the filth you created under-foot. Bones of your Apes, and those of the innocent shepherds. It is a shame. Your delusions require some victim. If God wanted all mankind to be Muslims do you not think he could manage that at a single stroke?” 
       Abu shuddered, — and panted un-rhythmically.
       “Crushed be the dog that injures God’s flock! You are like ‘Moloch the Devourer.’”12
        Now slightly opening his eyes standing at the end of his bed unmoving was the man with the sickle he had followed him: hence, he was simply waiting, waiting, to hear his last grasp for his last breath! And Abu aggrieved badly, overheard Death talking to someone he called the Master—while looking about for the angel he had been previously talking to, whom was nowhere to be seen —:  Death said  to this Great Beast of a Being, with ten-wings, “Your henchman have done well with this man, like a painting comes after the plain groundwork is done; with him you will have many things to discuss once he is completely released to me, and I in turn, release him to you, or your devils!”
       Then the Master remarked, “Why is he not dead, but simply laid up in bed? … is he not yet, an inmate of Hell?”

Death rides his horse

       (The angel of God stepped closer to Abu, whose eyesight was dimming, who had been as we now well know, injured beyond repair, and was on what might be called a death watch, and the leadership of Daesh1 being reconsidered, he did not stir, and his eyes fixed, his tongue between his teeth, his face bluish color, as if he had a noose rushing tighter and tighter around his neck like a squeezing viper, he was dying, dying, dying slowly, the angel stepped even closer to his bed.  White mucus flowed from his nostrils, and his limbs were stiff, as if they had been frozen by the cold during the night. One of Abu’s comrades said, “An end must be put to this!”  The interpretation of that could be dispensed in a number of ways, but war-songs were being sung, and their army was so spread-out, that  should no one be bold enough to endeavor to take the leadership and make decisions, they themselves would be the conquered, no longer the unconquerable, as the world now saw them.)

       “His spirit is here,” said Death, speaking to the one he called The Master, “although he is not present, it is as if there is no one inside that head, even though he talks to himself… and he maintains to this very moment his personal nihilistic philosophy, that is to say, he is the least bit sorry,” exclaimed Death. For Death knew, he who puts himself wrong with Heaven has no means of expiation left, lest it be a miracle; heretofore, his fellow soldiers were not about to have any Christian come in and save his soul at the last minute, plus, as it was written, concerning the entrapment of sin with sin: for God will no longer defend the soul of such a sinner from the  efficacy of the devil, thus, the sinner is led captive by the devil at his will, it is a punishment, God had given him over to the reprobated mind, given him up to sin, to do those things which are not suitable, being filled with unrighteousness. And this was well understood with Death, even Satan, Himself, had few qualms with this.
       Abu, now looked up from his bed as if out of a trance, no longer was Suru’el present, nor could he see Death, but he saw at the arch of the doorway, for many were around him, passing it, going to and fro: the doctors and nurses talking among themselves, and his generals whispering to one another, thus he saw the Angels of Babylon, Harut and Marut, renowned for their death calls, and they said, simultaneously: “We have done our job well, we deceived you” (meaning his faith: but it was a requirement for them to announce this, willingly or not); and then Abu fell into a coma.

The Ten-winged Beast

Fine, the Master hearing this, said, “If this is so, let the imps and the fiends, the devils and demon, and the foreigners, and strangers, and renegade seraphim dance around his bed, and have their ritual.”
       And Death replied, seized with anxiety, “Yes, the Dance of Death, is quite suited.”  
       And so it was, as the Qur’an, states: “Theirs is the reward for what they did, as yours will be for what you do…” thus, he was cast down to Tartarus 20, with those who concealed the testimony received from God! For what Abu had done, was not God’s will, but his own! 17

((Epilogue: To fill-up full, humankind’s cup of joy, God who is generous, and the Devil who is meagre, good news is allowed to arrive on Abu’s death. It would seem he was an enemy of God and Satan as well.  But now he will have to run fast, high and hard, among other things, to escape his fate. And although he will be greeted with the greatest respect, and delight and rejoicing in Tartarus, this kindness was something predictable yet unexpected. A favorable wind now I hope will soon be brought over the Middle East, where Abu trampled; unfortunately such people are simply replaced.)(While writing this tale, and now in the process of editing it, Abu died of his wounds, which would be Friday, 12th of June, 2015? today being the 16th, to which it has just been reported on television; he now will face his Maker: in his case, it would be better for him to remain a live dog than a dead lion, for he no longer has time to mend his ways!))

 Written: 6 thru 15 of June, 2015 (No: 1084)  
The End to the Tale


Written: 6 thru 17 of June, 2015 (No: 1084)   

Note 1: The ISIS, or IS, or IsiL is really ‘Daesh.’ The Arabic-derived term for ‘Daesh’ is EIIL (L’Etat islamique en Irak et en Syrie)   They emerged in 1999. Established by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian; then his group changed to al-Qaeda (AQI), belonging to Osama bin Laden’s network, October, 2004. Its most recently leader being Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared Daesh to take the name: Islamic State in Iraq (Isi) in 2006. And in 2013, Isi became Isis.  Now in 2015, they prefer to be referred to as just IS or Islamic State. But on the contrary, it is neither Islamic in structure, although most consider themselves Muslims, nor is it a state recognized.  In reality IS, is the old ‘Dash Cutthroats.’  Daesh sometimes spelled Daiish or Da’esh, means death. The Arabic meaning is to tread underfoot or crush.

Note 2:  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of which this tale, as it is referred to, is taken from his life, in the tale is referred to only as Abu.    Ayman al-Zawahiri, is the only one in the world with a higher bounty, twenty-five million.  Abu was born 1971, in Iraq. Loves football.  Obtained a BA, MA and PhD in Islamic studies. He emerged out of a ramshackle neighborhood of Baghdad. He has three wives and a son of 12-years old.  Wounded on 18 March 2015 by a coalition airstrike at the al-Baaj District in Nineveh Governorate, near the Syria boarder. It was recognized Abu was recuperating at the beginning of this writing, June 6, and since passed on, at its end 17 June, 2015..

Note 3: Abu Bark al-Baghdadi, with his Ph.D., in Islamic Studies, proclaims: Islam is not a religion of peace, that it is or was ‘the religion of fighting’ how true that would appear, if one was to judge Islam according to its actions.

Note 4: Confucius,   Chinese intellect, born about 551 BC. Liken to Plato, the Greek philosopher.

Note 5: Mastiman, Carthaginian god of the dead. ((Carthage, dates to the 900 B.C.)(Rome’s rival))

Note 6: Divine Saga, a term used by Confucius, as a person without blemish.

Note 7: Amber Province is a large area in Iraq, roads in this area lead to Syria, which IS now has occupied 50%, and Iraq, whom they have occupied 33%, and roads also lead into Jordon. It would seem the Sunni are predominant in this area, and fear the muscle of the Shia.

Note 8: Iblis (the Devil or Satan, the Ten-winged Beast)

Note 9:  Ancient Carthaginian Pontifexs: there was four within the city of Carthage, whom were considered High Priests, called Pontiffs, or Pontifexs, they also had what was called the 100-Ancients, the wise ruling body of the government, like the senators of Rome.

Note 10: In August of 2014, Abu Bake al-Baghdadi, tried to do a genocide of the Yazidis population   by driving them out of their homes, to starve and freeze today on Mount Sin jar.  Creating a humanitarian Crisis, tow here the United States had to get involved lest they all parish.

Note 11: Saladin: Islamic Warrior, Sultan of Egypt and Syria, 1137 to 1193, Captured Jerusalem, 1187. Defended it during the 3rd Crusade 1189-1192.

Note 12: Moloch the Devourer: Canaanite deity, like Baal.

Note 13: Elohim, God’s special name, of Jewish Origin.

Note 14:  Insight taken from the writings of the Dhammapada, by Gotama Buddha (6th Century B.C.)

Note 15: Abu, or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, or we can call him Abu Du’a, or add to that al-Husseini al-Qurashi, the Caliph Ibrahim,

Note: 16: Sorties: often time used for military air strikes,

Note 17: References to the Qur’an

Note: 18 The Black List, is a list of those who are bent in mind on doing the things that are unreasonable wicked. That even the Bottom of Hell cannot afford to keep of such crying Abomination. It is called the Black List Doctrine. It is says “Cotton Mather,” when the Holy God, often punishes man’s sins of men by giving him up to full blacker sins against hm. It is also a belief of the Jewish Faith, and spelled out in the Book of Revelation.  In the Old Testament, “Men are punished for one transgression, by being therefore given up unto another.” And there is a similar belief stated in the Qur’an.

Note 19: Allah, to the Muslim, and to its prophet Mohammed, was considered God, not necessarily the same God as the Christian God, in its Trinitarian form. Likewise the Qur’an should not be spelled with a ‘K’ nor Mohammed with a ‘u’ or ‘Muslim’ with an ‘o’ if one seeks to do it correctly.

Note 20:  Tartarus, the deeper part of Hell.  To the Jew Sheol.

* Palmyra, is Syria’s greatest Middle East archeological site. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. It predates Islam, Hatra and Nimrud. It was a cultural center of the ancient world.

Suru’el, one of the holy angels in 1 Enoch (in Volume I, The Old Testament, Pseudepigrapha, scriptures dating to about 200 B.C.), that watch; he might be what is considered a ‘Power’ in Heaven, for when he appears, or whom he may appear to, he shakes the earth. The ‘el’ on the end of the first name indicates ‘Angel’