Monday, June 1, 2015

The King and the Sophist

Said the King to the Sophist:
“Is it Judaism, Islam or Christianity which is the true religion?”
The Sophist knew this was an entrapment beforehand!
How could he choose one of the three above the others without offending, or dispute?
And so the Sophist explained: “It is liken to you having three sons, and you have your original crown to give to one, but you will offend the other two should you do so, for is it not true, they  equally want to be honored?”
“Yes,” said the king, “this may even be an issue forthcoming.”
“So who would you choose of the three?” Asked the Sophist.
“The most worthy,” answered the king.
“But back to my example,” said the Sophist, “so as not to overlook one of the boys to the other, and seemingly all seem worthy, this king made two additional crowns, lookalikes. 
When he died, all three boys grabbed the crowns.
They asked the queen which one was the original?
She couldn’t tell one from the other.
And so each lad took his crown and went his way, and built their on kingdoms feeling theirs was above the others, and thus, the dispute was never settled…

No: 4781/ 5-29-2015

Inspired by the readings from “The Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio (1348)