Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Spoiled Child!

Things have changed!
Teachers are fearful to reprimand their students.
Parents are paralyzed to make them accountable, uncertain to make an error; in fear of the law should they give them a good licking.
Thus, with no discipline, or God, there is no cultivating of values, faith, love and patience: it all becomes a washout.
When I was young, it was said, and it was used, ‘To spare the rod, is to spoil the child’ …
And what has society created?
Parents that are exasperating, with exasperating children, whom soon will become exasperating parents.
Pope Francis agrees in tone, that ‘…many difficulties often impede parents’ ability to educate their children (and remember children become parents).
And I believe he infers: the less time you spend with your children, the longer the need becomes to meeting their needs.
And what are needs, if not discipline! To teach restraint.
No discipline, equals, a license to do at will, whatever you wish.
For myself, I wonder who the hostage here is.

Note: 4773/5-20-2015