Monday, June 29, 2015

The Bishop and Monk Poems

 The Bishop’s Haiku

Many Bishops that
know a lot, think other folks
know nothing, — hoodwinked.

No: 4773/ 6-27-2015
Note: Inspired in part by Giovanni Boccaccio, and a recent lecture Pope Francis gave notifying he Bishops they have a code of conduct, and expected way of life to live, which infers, not to be so high and mighty.

The Monk Poem (in Poetic Prose)

A Monk at a nearby Abby one sunny day, asked his neighboring farmer, “Why do you shun us, I mean to say, you treat your farm animals better than us? And you never bring us a tidbit of bread?” 
Replied the farmer with what he felt was conclusive reasoning:  
“My dog guards my house, my cow provides milk, my sheep wool, and my horse carries burdens for me. My son’s a soldier guards the country, my daughter a physician, heals the sick.
Even the preacher brings to the people the Gospel!”
What do you know and what have you done?
I’ve never seen you till a field, or lift a brick, or for that matter, work to feed yourself.
Said the Monk, changing the subject, “Such talk makes a person snub-nosed!”

No: 4775/ 6-28-2015
Note: Inspired by writings of Francois Rabelais, and Pope Francis concerning the male clergy, to include the Priesthood, and Monks, etc., as well as the Nunnery, or convent life, to those folks entering into this lifestyle for the wrong reasons, such as escaping and assuring one’s self of a place of board and room, out of being scared of the real world.