Monday, June 29, 2015

America, Obama’s Ctesiphon

America, Obama’s Ctesiphon
(A Mock on humanity) (An Idyll)

Soon Obama’s America will demand all Americans to prostrate before ithyphallic deities— (figuratively speaking)
If not Allah! (In essence, America’s first Amendment is being redefined)
To pledge life and limb to demonic ways, from the supernatural world.
Of course people have given Obama this power, with no caution in spirit, no discretion, to start this new frenzy, so it doesn’t say much for its citizens.
Why does Satan use such men? To deny those empty assembly seats in heaven, that the renegade angelic beings left, when thrown out of heaven, long ago, now to be replaced by God’s new Saints!
And the only way Lucifer can hurt God, is through man! So he thinks.
And why can’t people see this? Which is still a mystery to me.
The souls of the devils are attached to this president, and his image of the new America, that at this very minute, sinks in the sands of sacrilege…
He has tarnished America, her eternal beauty lost, her mission to guide the rest of the world at any cost; where as now, we are all—so it appears—subjects, for whatever whim he chooses.
He would disarm the 2nd Amendment—as he is trying to do to the 1st, if he could, this he still fears, an America Armed behind her doors.
His gods follow him as they burst out in laughter, like vultures.
When God closes the door on America be not surprised, as not seeing it reopened.
But man then will say, ‘What kind of God is this, to shut his door on us?’ Like in the days when came forth the Great Flood, when Noah begged the people to mend their ways.
Obama has brought on a new Deluge, and we have lost view beneath the seaweed.
The Statue of Liberty, too long out to sea, has now cracks in her joints, watching the world around her, prodigiously amused.
They hold their bellies from sheer laughter, we are the dumb sheep: “Ba! Ba! Ba!” The blind leading the blind! Even Russia, China, and the Middle East have better morals than Obama’s so called New Age Christians.
Now we have lost the goat and the rope.
Can we not see in front of us Obama’s eyes, they are like bulls, and his arms have invisible claws, his jaw, like a shark’s—
He has crushed the few remaining sacred laws of humanity, under his chariot-wheels!
Congress and the Senate, are so corrupt, they act helpless.
Likewise, Obama has placed his blasphemous judges in the Supreme Court, who make the laws of the land.
But I’ve been saying this for several years, without respite, and nobody listens, are we all bored?
No wonder 9/11 came to us as a storm, an awakening took place, and what must God do to awake America again, turn His head, as he once did?
He saw what happened, as I did before it happened, and America said:
“We are unsinkable!” Like the Titanic.
The Rich are richer today because of Obama, and the poor are poorer.
And the Country is weaker, than before.
He has nailed our epitaph to trees, all with a red hot iron.
He devours America slowly.
We will have to suffer to appease God Almighty.
If I was Jonah, I would say to America ‘Bend your knees in penance.
For you have sinned deeply; and God demands this.
Bend your knees before you come weeping, and God will say ‘who are you?’”
An angel’s voice said to me: “Say no more, hold your tongue! You’ve said enough. The fruitful clouds over America are vaporizing. And the Trinity has turned oblique.”

No: 1090 (6-27 & 28-2015)
Note: Ctesiphon, was destroyed by the Arabs in 637 A.D., an ancient prosperous city in Iraq.