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Iblis’ Great Fall

The Epic Account of:
  Iblis’ Great Fall
(In Poetic Prose)  Version Two

By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.
Poet Laureate

The Dark Seraphic Spirit
(State of the Devil’s)

The Poem

Thou sinned the first born of time;
In heaven, you Lucifer conceived,
And who could have believed
This is when defilement began
And heaven soiled with sin?

Such a sly deep thought-out crime!
Therein, cast down to the Adamic
Garden; and then thrust thyself into
A Snake! From this dark state,
You created an unholy strange race.

Were you not the first Judas?
The first vital seed of illicit ambition?
Of your sin! Tell me how such came
You of such nature—how did it
Begin? And then increase!

Debauched all you touched and
Filled the hearts of once loyal angels
To treason and infernal war—: you
Taught them pride, crime, vice! To
Embroil the world, to damn mankind!

No: 4750 (4-25-2015)

Author’s Analogue

The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, or Iblis, all, one of the same, will never tell you his story, so I guess it is left up to someone like me, and I can only tell it in brief, fill in the gaps, as need be… 
The Devil is the monarch in Hades, Hell, or Tartarus, have your pick, one is simply deeper than the other, and Hades being the river between paradise and the docks of Hell, although it might refer to some landmass around its perimeter, too…
He is called: ‘Muckle horn’d dee’l’ meaning, ‘The Great Red Dragon’—
His name being a noun of multitude (ambo-Dexter)
“Devil or Legion” can be used as in a plural or singular sense.
Some prefer Lucifer—
Jesus asked him “What is thy name?”
And he answered in the plural and singular together: “My name is Legion, for we are many”—

Should you have lived in the time of Gilgamesh (in Uruk; today’s Iraq), Gilgamesh would have confirmed Tartarus’ existence (Hell), as did Enkidu his legendary friend whom spoke to Gilgamesh from the Netherworld had confirmed!
(So it is long-established on clay tablets dating from 2700 B.C. the first known writings of mankind, hell exists—thus, if hell exists so does the devil)
The Devil is in essence, a fallen Archangel, with his innumerable host of reprobates—
Rebel seraphs or angels, outcasts of Heaven, guilty of rebellion under eternal punishment, miserable as can be I would think…
They are in essence, from the ‘Race of the Gods’—the Titans of yesteryear!

Satan is in principle, a transported felon, for high-treason, against his Lord and Governor (His creator)
Therefore, this horde, this host of hell, was instantly transformed into frightful objects, beasts, and ugly as mud and grease on a buzzard… never to return to their old configuration!
It took Satan nine-days headfirst to land on Earth from Heaven!
The fall was at the speed of light, I take as fixed…
Therefore, Satan at this very moment is a prisoner at large, yet Governor of Hell, and the god of earth’s air.
What makes him special, is only that he is heaven born.
What exactly did he do, and his comrades do? ‘They went against the Wisdom of Heaven.’ And this is what the epic-tale is all about!

The Earliest Epic
(The Great Fall of Lucifer/Iblis)

The Commentary

Written as in a collection of poetic-prose mythological explorations: narrated as in an epistle style.

At the Cliffs of Heaven

It is useless to specify heaven’s exact whereabouts, for there is no astrological map to pinpoint it. But I have taken a prudent pace to pinpoint it approximate distance within this tale and perhaps we can call it an epic you care to. As I have for the likeness of Lucifer, and the Assembly Hall in which this strange story begins, which is situated right in the Halls of Heaven, taken the liberty to call it such.
       Throughout this account, we will see action and reaction of Newton’s Law of motion taking place. That is to say, an action produces a reaction (meaning: the creation of the universe, was an action taken by God that created a reaction, meaning the Big Bang, and meaning: equals and opposites are one and the same. If you can date the universe at 13.8 billion years as the Space Shuttle Hobble has, now being at its 25th Anniversary date this year of 2015, within interstellar space, then you are saying there was a reaction to an action taken. For we will see shortly, an action taken by Lucifer, that causes a reaction (cause and effect) like a meteor once anchored within heaven’s gravity, he will fall over the edge of heaven’s cliffs like a shooting projectile out of a window—figuratively speaking, after or during his act of rebellion.
       Satan with his indomitable will, will never completely accept the Son of God over Him being elected Commander and Chief, period. With that said, we will look at his erratic character as he will surely live up to his legendary form and saga, one that has been written in the winds of time, handed down from century to century, as I now put it into the bowl of crickets where it belongs, to be written out in magic realism, if again I may call it that. His footprints have left in the sands of earth, long stretches.
       As we take this first step into Lucifer’s annuals, let’s try to describe Lucifer.
       Most likely he was tall, taller than the average archangel, and had a healthy complexion, with striking features. Perhaps as old as time, which we now place at 13.8 billion years old (as old as the known Universe). Most likely highly spirited, and of strong action with an outwardly cool demeanor, whom did not hide his natural impatience. I would think too, among his comrades, he could be exciting, to and within the heavenly public at large having curiosity more often than not on his undertakings. Perhaps questions and answers were being exchanged on the doorsteps of heaven’s domain. And surely he was always dressed smart. On the other hand, it might be said he possessed a schizoid personality disorder.  One need only look at his style and various appearances to show low medium-level schizoid characteristics, which explains much of his surprising work. His anguish can be seen in his daily operations. The minuscular world he holds in his head, he evidently cannot free himself of it without ripping himself apart. Enough said on that, better men than I, in psychology can identify his mental symptoms more accurate, as down with such people as Carl Panzram or  the more present day Ayman al-Zawahiri (Islamic extremist, with a bounty of $25,000,000-dollars on his head, or  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, or Bin Laden, to mention a few).
       Now for some numbers: Satan, who also carries the name of Lucifer, and Iblis  as written in Sacred Scripture, I shall use all three names,  took nine-days to fall from heaven to earth, that is 216-hours. Now it is universally accepted as a physics law, fact or constant that the speed of light in open space, referred to as a vacuum (or speed of light in vacuum) referred to as ‘c’ is 299792458 meters per second. Let’s put that into miles in a moment. And I would think Lucifer fell according to the maximum speed at which all matter and information in the universe can travel. So some basic mathematics are needed: the speed of light is 186,000-miles per second that is how fast light travels, and it is the fastest anything can travel in our known universe (and when things travel at that speed time stops). Nine days= 216-hours, from the cliffs of heaven; meaning, in one hour light travels = 671-million miles, x 216= 144 billion, 936-million miles (or, 144,936,000,000)  Now to get a better idea how far this is, Pluto is  7.4-billion miles away from earth, the farthest outer planet in our solar system. Our sun is 93,000,000-miles away, it takes 8.3 minutes for its rays to hit the earth. And at the speed of light, it takes 1.3 seconds for the moon’s light to hit earth, being about 250,000-miles away.
       Now put another way, one light year is close to 6-trillion miles away, that is the distance light can travel in a year (5,878,000,000,000-miles). Be that as it may, God’s Heavenly Kingdom is less than one trillion miles away, that is, when he is in his Kingdom within the universe, when not, and when he is above it looking down at it, that distance no one knows.   
        Now let’s go into the Assemble Hall in Heaven, this is where Lucifer’s plight first came to light…
The Epic
(The Account)

The Strange Assembly (Part I)

Presumable to tranquilize Lucifer’s spirit, he tuned and twisted his fingers over and over and around a baton he held in his hands, but his mind confirmed what was said: —
The angelic being beside him whispered:
“That won’t help much!”
Those words of the Great Father were now animated in his mind by a recoiling echo…
Lucifer felt for the first time in his life deep humiliation, the feeling was new—or must at least have been interpreted as such.
Lucifer, along with many of his cohorts were the eyes in the front row of the assemblage: they were intensely fixed upon the Son of God, as they sat stone-still, Lucifer, looking straight at Him appallingly!
Truth is like oil, it will eventually rise to the surface, and on this day it would!—
Lucifer and his associates refused to look shocked about their impassivity into which they had sunk ever so deep during the Father’s speech.
 “The Commander and Chief will be my Son!” Announced, Elohim, with full composure.
Lucifer was now quiet as never before, trying to read the faces of all his friends in the first row.
Might I say he was day-dreaming, and unknowing, didn’t realize his cup was already cracked, he didn’t’ have enough to replace it: in that his heart was already set on doing what he was going to do!
One might even say at this very moment, little things have big stories.
And so it would prove to be so!
For this was the spark that lit the fire in heaven!
For in a moment, Lucifer is going to speak without thinking, which is the same thing as shooting without aiming…
Which is like a man who says to himself: ‘He who ventures nothing gains no horse nor mule’. And God says—but he doesn’t hear God—: ‘On the other hand, the man who ventures too much, loses both horse and mule.’
So you see we are at this perpendicular corner.
Most of the assemblage didn’t take it very seriously, but to Lucifer it was very personal; it was a misguided policy which was being directed against Him, and him alone, and many of his angelic following, would in due time take his side.
And so he told himself his first lie: “It is for them, my comrades that I will take up my stand here and now, and later if need be, for myself.”
Thus he involuntarily raised his voice.
But what was he thinking? Perhaps: pacify a king and he will beat you, beat a kink and he will pacify you? Who’s to say but Iblis himself, and he will never tell!
And Lucifer shouted “Err!”  
And someone in the audience clapped his hands high in the air and shouted: “Bravo!”
(It was not what was said, for it was just one word, but rather what was meant by that one word, it had some dogmatic connotations.)
One picture is worth 10,000-words they say, and his face showed it.
And is it not true, the tongue will hang a man quicker than a gallows tree.
Lucifer felt cheered even though it was but one voice: and to be frank, he was quite satisfied, for he did make the assembly start thinking about the statement God the Father had made about His Son, and his Son’s victory, which to Lucifer was ill-advised, and in a short would prove to be that that little noise would create a big bang.
Yet at that very moment he had no wish to shine as an orator, he could wait; however he had come to the conclusion he was overlooked, wronged, and by and large, degraded, if not belittled—and blinded with anger!
But then again he dare not speak anymore, not this day anyhow: for he knew God the Father no doubt was the more powerful figure.

Lucifer’s Difference of Opinion   (Part II)

Fragment One

The question may arise: ‘…why did God tolerate Satan when he was Lucifer—
When he could read his heart and mind?’
I mean, strictly speaking, it was more than a difference of opinion that Lucifer was expressing!
My guess would be, before this point, before this Great Assembly took place,
God the Father could have held him in contempt, cornered him, knowing what he knew, and settled the matter with a click of his fingers!
Which of course would have had a very humiliating effect on the entire situation, especially Lucifer, whom would have denied, what was undeniable.
And of course it was beneath Elohim, Lucifer being in essence, no more liken to a grasshopper jumping up from his bench, with a little squeak, —figuratively speaking….
Whatever the case may be, he allowed Lucifer to act his fuss out (as if in a psychodrama), perhaps unbelievable in God’s lifetime, which of course is timeless!
In a like manner, perchance he was horrified by the kind of angelic attitudes he saw forthcoming within the assemble (reading all their hearts).
Even God can be surprised, so he inferred once upon a time, himself: saying in essence in one state of affairs:  “That never even occurred to me…”
My imagination tells me, the very hall itself, cramped from corner to corner, and wall to wall with angelic beings, the importance of the meeting was of a high order, and Lucifer’s contempt of Elohim’s son, was now officially out of the bag, as they say.
To keep your honor is better than to keep your life, and Lucifer, this day, lost his honor! And one might conclude, as they say in Peru: the goat and the rope!
He probably never thought that a slip of the tongue, his protest, would turn into a rebellion…!
—be that as it may, it proved to have a very great range—
Did Lucifer think he could interrogate, perhaps even intimidate, God the Father for a moment, then had second thoughts, like Judas did to Jesus: a sort of blackmail? Saying:
 ‘I’ll ruin heaven if you don’t give me my way’ as if he was given over to suspicion, or mistrust, paranoia, trying to cut out an edge for him knowing his evil was discovered: for only fools play with folly, as if they are toys, when they are men.
Whatever the case may be, He would use gossip in dividing heaven!
It was not to be opposed by Elohim, perhaps knowing these methods could achieve favorable results; hence, it would lure out the other cases comparable to Lucifer’s, and instead of playing games, get to the chase… as they say!
Also, in this situation, if you want a wild bird to sing, don’t put him in a cage.

Fragment Two

Any benefit arising from that outcry that would profit Lucifer in the future was not in his best interests, although it did gather attention—
(Specifically from: Micha’el, Gabriel, Rufa’el, Uri’el all archangels, as well as the cherubim Kru’el and the seraphim Suraf’el, Spartan-like, guardians of these special meetings, Elohim’s elite, who observed with meticulous adherence!
And several other archangels of Lucifer’s ever-vengeful nature, took notice likewise—
On the other hand, as you may already know, he came to the mandate:
Lucifer came to the order that now he must lie low, no matter how much it went against the grain—
I do believe in his mind, he felt in time, this great organization remained—so to speak—in a state of delicate balance, yet in his favor, for 66% out of 100% of heaven’s angelic force, took Lucifer’s side.
But the Father always knew, rabbits run fast, but turtles also win races.
Thus he told his son to hold back his sword! With good reason!
And so we see, two-thirds of heaven would not take orders from the Commander and Chief, the Son of God!
And because of this he, if anyone could take upon himself to alter the disposition of things in Heaven, it was He, Lucifer!
Whatever the circumstance may be, and we know to a certain degree how it was, Lucifer ran the risk of losing his footing and falling to destruction—
Having already put the cart before the horse.
And this of course is exactly what happened, but it really did not happen later on, it happened with that half irk, that rile, that irrigate outburst of ‘Err’, that came out of Lucifer’s mouth like stinging bees; perhaps even unintentionally (but it was from the heart, and that mattered,  for that took precedence)!
The full results of course, would be a delayed reaction!
Did Lucifer not know the organization of Heaven would simply right itself by some compensating reaction in another part of its machinery?
That God the Father had plan B, long before he perhaps even had plan A.
Meaning, God the Father, he foresaw this, and was already placing the saints into filling the seats of the angelic renegades—
This is my question to my second-self: did he not know?
Lucifer, became in a short time period, more rigid on the subject, more vigilant, more outspoken, and more restless, he became too, more ruthless, and created a rebellion, where once, Heaven was interlocked, and had remained unchanged, now was divided and in conflict.

Fragment Three

At any rate nothing was lost, if indeed they, Lucifer and his cohorts could manage to win over the Great Heavenly Father, whom was also Chief Magistrate of this Assemble.
And in this situation, one might call it a Court.
Yet in spite of all that had happened— various moves by the Father had already been initiated towards that end, it involved his faithful angelic race, and his Son.
On the other hand, Lucifer thought: should he achieve his goal, this all could be regarded as a clean wound—
But there was no waiting to be done, to develop an easy mind in Heaven, his Great Fall was now written as they say, in stone.
And as they say: no Father is poor, who has a worthy son, —and this would prove to be true.

Did not Lucifer think it would be quite inauspicious, and did he think, that the Father would push it aside as if nothing had taken place?
Well, for the most part, Lucifer, with a kind of obsessive greed, and perhaps possessiveness—looked on…
If it occurred to him, he paid it no attention, there was total silence on that move…
One is left to think, or at least I am, that Lucifer was thinking to drive the Father to despair? 
At the same time to magnify his importance, this being transparent to all…
And thereafter, after the assembly was dismissed, what did he do? 
He continued bragging of his importance—
(I hate to admit this, but I will: we are all replaceable, it is only God Almighty, who is not, for without him, we would not be, period!)
Did Lucifer forget he was a subordinate?
It would appear so.
In my eyes, there is very little doubt what the Father would have to do.

There resides another point of fact here, so I sense:
Had Lucifer come to the Father first and not shown his disfavor in the assemblage, things might have been different:
But his position was no longer quite independent of the course this matter took—
And perhaps his acquaintances already knew, with a certain inexplicable satisfaction, his resistance to this proclamation, announcement, — which come to be learned by ways unknown, his defiance was capital!
(That is to say, first and foremost an offence… and extremely serious)

As the old saying goes: ‘The broom sweeps clean when it’s new’:
In Lucifer’s occasion I do believe—as an old axiom—mind rubbing against mind: his mind was like a double-yoked egg; in other words, it became a nervous matter for him, if not neurotic disturbance
And the broom was no longer new, nor usable—!

The Nature of Lucifer’s fall (Part III)

When Lucifer fell, the nature of the fall has never been discussed—
Let’s try to look at it experimentally:
It was by and large a quantum event, should anyone have observed it, and I have, in a vision in the 1980s, but let me show it with boundaries, where perhaps there was no-boundary conditions—
For when I saw it, the event was of an endless leeway of space on behalf of a fact—
When Lucifer fell from Heaven, it was as if he was pushed, shoved over by some invisible thrust by the hands of the Lord, thrust over the edge, so the vision indicated, perhaps somewhere along the fall, he fell through a Black Hole —figuratively speaking (God does things in a likely manner, more often than not, non-supernatural, it would seem). Let me explain:
Quantum fluctuations lead to the creation of tiny universes, being created out of nothing, they eventually form galaxies, stars and suns—
When I say ‘out of nothing,’ I mean: universes that start off expanding, in the state of inflation, or increasing states, in essence, they seem to feed off a ripple effect—
Tolerate me a moment longer on this figure of speech:
Lucifer fell through a Black Hole, or something similar,  where there was no literal time at its beginning, perhaps even thorough these tiny universes, fluctuations to earth, Heaven being  billions of miles away (a good guess)—
He fell to earth as we all know, where time is part of an ongoing equation, where time has a beginning, and should our sun die, and earth be swallowed up by the galaxy’s Black Hole (the Milky Way), like the open mouth of a dragon, Earth will have a time, ending.
Anyhow, while in this black hole, as all black holes are I assume, perhaps some are different than others—who’s to say
(some black holes get thinner and thinner, to a little ball, so I’ve heard, and thus, this is it, all of whatever universe you may be in, on the other hand if you go the other way, it may very well get wilder and bigger, matter of fact a Black Hole may not even be a Black Hole, it may very well be: a space furnace, for garbage, or used-up materials in the universe, or galaxy (s)
For once something drops into it, deep enough into it, it no longer reflects light, nor does it normally reappear, the radiation eats it up, it consumes proportional to its stellar mass.
Of course, Lucifer, is a different being, he is supernatural, in a furnace that is for the most part, not paranormal—
But we are not talking about theories in general (although I may gravitate towards them), rather Lucifer’s fall:
Lucifer surely was heated up with radiation, heated up, to the point of loss of mass, burning up particles, atoms that changed him, and then the explosion…
When he left the black hole, and the shifting of the universes all around him, perhaps shaking the Black Hole every-which-way, assuming the black hole stretched through all those fluctuations and universes and galaxies as if it was one long hurricane funnel (pipe or chimney), into Earth’s Solar System— he appeared! 
As you might compare if watching the movie: “Interstellar Space” …
Earth’s Solar System was not new to him, he had been in charge of several planets in what we may call, time past
(not sure if earth was called earth back when he was custodian over two-thirds of Earth’s solar system, and if so, perhaps it was more a black void of gases then, the paradise it is now)—
And of course he was aware of time, —but this time he was to stay within its borders…

The Nature of Lucifer’s Landing (Part IV)

When Lucifer landed on Earth, the nature, or feature, or make-up, its description has yet to be finalized, or for that matter, conversed to any certainty—
Let’s take a look at it, it may help the full account of the fall, even if it is hypothetical, it is as close as one can get, and even the Black Hole is hypothetical for the most part, but it produces a pathway!
Every great fall, and Lucifer had the greatest fall I’ve ever heard of, of anyone, ends up with a great thump: whack, bang, -- it’s bound to! Gravity necessitates this, if indeed Lucifer is restricted to gravity, or bound by it in some way.
Let’s imagine what took place, upon Lucifer’s landing after a nine-day drop at the speed of light, for a period of over two-hundred hours—perhaps head first!
Which accounts for an astronomical figure of miles.
First we see him awaking to his landing!
Second he groans aloud, as he starts to drag himself to his feet— (wouldn’t you?)
His joints are like rusty hinges, they work harshly in their sockets!
I know this for a fact, being in a hospital bed for days on end; it doesn’t take much, one has to regain his balance.
With such dynamic friction, bending and unbending his body took sheer implementation and will—
Now on his feet, still struggling somewhat, wanting to stand erect as an Arch-angel should, or Prince of the Air, should stand, he fell like he had legs of butter.
Now he crawled up a small mound (a knoll of some sort), and surveyed the area for prospects…
There was no trees or bushes, nothing but sand, a sea of sand, somewhat diversified rocks, much liken to the moon’s rocks; stones large and small, oxide stones with iron and nickel and other material, compounds.
He had no idea of: north, south, east or west— he’s dizzy and blurred.
“And where is this desert spot I’m in?” He questions himself.
And so he lingered debating his thoughts, one after the other…
He paused to gaze, and looking in the sky with a defiant glance, while all about him bodies dropped, thumped, —his throng!
They dropped like meteorites.
Now he rose to his feet again, staggered and limped, matter-of-fact, he limped all day long, the first day on earth! Thus acquiring the nickname, hoofed-beast, with one short leg! (He would not outlive this name.)
Nothing compared to the pain in his head, he cursed God like a manic rat gnawing and gnawing on a dinosaur bone, unable to stop –
He could not keep his mind steady on the course to peruse!
Not yet, yet it wouldn’t be long!

Lucifer’s Becomes Satan (Part V)

When Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven he was Lucifer, and when he landed on Earth he was Lucifer—
But that all changed, in the clap of an eye, with the rising sun!
Accompanied with his followers, he struck off slowly in a westerly direction found a frequented path,
He was not waiting for tomorrow, nor wasting the day.
When they had walked enough, looking about enough, looking at things and another, after they sat down, they made a pack. 
Invigorated by this, they rose from the ground and gave themselves up one and all to the leadership of Iblis, now also called Satan.
Once again they were charmed by his personification of the new ruler of the Earth, the first to whom he allotted death to would be, Eve, and then Adam! But he had to have one or the other or both, do some wicked crime against the nature of God’s command.
There would be no pity felt for these two misfortunes, nor shed tears, and he’d create a tale that would last much longer than him.
To this end, man would have to send up prayers to God for protection once he acquired the full wealth of the world.

 I do not wish to name every desire he had one by one, so I shall only add that we can choose a few which will certainly bring us closer to his character, by and large we men and women are indeed sinful, and desire many things, but Satan, was given to one area of sin, in particular:
So great was, and still is His fever for revenge, he mocks God again, curses Him, and cries aloud at Him with a lion’s roar:
Once settled, he tells himself: a fresh weed is better than a wilted Rose, for that is exactly what heaven was to him now, a wilted Rose, but one he wanted deep in his heart to reclaim… I’m sure even bad archangels can grieve…!
Yet now he’d settle for the weed, for the time being! He had no choice.

Satan’s Extortion (Part VI)

Why was Satan thrown into a certain agitation over man?
I mean, man didn’t hinder Satan in any way.
Why is he still mad, 10,000-years after Adam’s awakening?
Or has it been longer, Homo sapiens having been around for some 200,000-years, claims our best earthly archeologists and anthropologists, and 35,000-years for man’s Chauvet Cave Art as shown in those prehistoric grottos in France—
It was as if Man, not the Son of God, had pushed Him over Heaven’s cliff!
So it would appear, should someone take him to a criminal court, he would be convicted on extortion, with all its rudiments, he would be found guilty.
Should you asked Satan this simple question, he would give you a simple answer of ‘why’, he would for once tell you the bare bottom truth on this one subject, it would be something like this:
“Does man really expect me to love him, when he has shown me up, by God selecting him over me? Never!”
Thus, he cripples the only way he can, and one of his modes is extortion: pressure, threats, fear, squeezing, blackmail, force, coercion, bullying, strong-arming, oppression, and obsession.
He will hit man with his anvil every-which-way, if he dares to get too close!
(Thus, expect Satan to “…strike while the iron is hot,” as they say; and in this 21st Century, the iron is almost at its melting point.)

Iblis’ Revenge (Part VII)

Reason demands this, and to have you rest at your ease, I will be the chimney sweeper and pass it on to you:
“Can the Devil read your brain or mind?”
Not necessarily!
But he knows how to read your behavior and body language, and do not take it as fixed that the Devil does not know neuroscience—
I should really use Iblis, instead of the word Devil, so often it is used in the plural, whereas Iblis, cannot be misunderstood.
Iblis has had ten-thousand years to learn the behavioral sciences well,    without much interruption!
This is his hobby without him even knowing he has a hobby, when he is not scaring people out of their wits, like a scarecrow, that is!
Like a serpent he paces, and what is the pacing for?
You got it, seek and destroy.
That said, I think he has the capability to trace or at least make out the connection between the individual neurons.
And has for each person, he selects, let us call, a worthy soul, a blurring black and white image of the brain connections.
And with supernatural sight, he can produce high-resolutions of brain-images!
Demonstrating how the brain’s neural connection can be mapped—
Yes, ingenious, he may be able to figure out a person’s weaknesses, and play them to his advantage!
And the older we get, and look at our lot in life, the more he feels he has to work with.
Which He uses for deadly purposes.
He is much like people, in that if you can’t get to your spouse, you use your children to punish the spouse for whatever wrongs one feels due compensation.
And who is Iblis’ loved one, the one who loved him, and he loved back, no one but God. So he uses us, to get to Him.
Remember, the Great Fall, it has made his mind a reprobated mind, and it only gets worse as time goes on!
These are the aftereffects of the fall of course.
In any case, once he knows your wiring diagram let’s say of: 100-trillion connections between the neurons of the human brain, he can cause much damage, a little squeeze here, a pinch there, a shove, a blockage, a little pity from the mother, or the son:  and thus comes: blackouts, trembling, seizures, headaches, and a host of other complications, effects; stress and strain and now cancer, or depression, — whatever works.
He now has a person’s passions his every essence in his reach, and he will use it to make you a devil’s son.
He has in brief, — a telescope: a stem to stem accounting of your DNA, which provides every cell’s genetic instructions.
He is by and large a dark neuroscientist, and will try to make you a ‘Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde’.
His eyes are as sharp as a MRI lighting up images.
He can I believe, if need be, account for every tiny electrical impulse rousing though the brain’s interconnecting neurons, if he wishes to take the time—
He keeps records on you like an astronomer would on stars and constellations, predicting: personality traits, intelligence, memories, and the sum of all that constitutes a person…
This all comes out in meetings at the Tartarus level, where demon to demon, meet and discuss interceding and infecting our lifestyle.

(Iblis, is way ahead of the NSA, stationed in Utah, who can track a billion people at a time: via, at workstations, with cameras, tracking your credit cards, bank accounts, phone calls, nearly at the speed of light, and use the cables under the sea, satellites, and other military devices to do what? just like Iblis, to have knowledge at his fingertips! Plain and simple) 


Who is the better believer, the Devil who trembles at the voice of God?
Who trembles simply by just hearing his name called out?
Or, — Man with his repugnant wit— who says:
The devil is simply a myth, and God does not exist?

What does the Devil know that we don’t know, that we should like to know...?
Could it be it is God’s intent that after a certain state of probation (that being here on earth),
He will accordingly, to his will, approve and oppose a certain number of mortal beings, to fill up the vacancies left open in heaven, by the ‘Fallen!’
Left open by the overthrown angelic renegades, the heavenly race, who disgraced, Heaven, so long ago?

So the Devil tries his hardest to have God’s best men and women disappoint Him…
Hoping God will be left with less subjects for his clemency, than he planned.
This assumption would give rise to empty seats, and for some odd reason,
Satan and his Host might feel they may get a last minute reprieve, amnesty; so who planted this idea of amnesty in their thoughts?  Iblis of course! Unless he is brainwashed—he says to his followers:
 Hence, my fellow men, we’ll make man become worse than us and God will have to give a reprieve, or condemn his whole human creation!”
       Has he not forgotten the Great Flood?

Written: 4-25 & 26-2015/Reedited: 6-19-2015
From 21,000-words, to 5986
Originally ‘The Great Fall of Lucifer

The Epic Account of:   Iblis’ Great Fall
(In Poetic Prose)
Copyright, June, 2015 © By, Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.