Monday, August 29, 2016

A Darkness (In part, out of the Book of Job)

Take counsel for you do not know whom the Lord has sent forth— nor who be his servant (slave or king)!
For it was He who gave despondency and desolation to the devils and their kind!
Put them under stones and rocks, in crevasses, and grottos, and cold chambers within the earth’s bowels where they now worship!
Have you forgot who slayeth the prince in his youth and rulers at their marriage-feast, and made slaves grow old in bondage?
Who made kings and queens, politicians, and the powerful, their secrets known, and their unknowns, known to the many, for vultures to devour in their sleep…?
Take counsel, for you do not know the Lord’s next move, perhaps the worm is unhatched that will consume thee!

Behold! In his anger He can break temples, make them into ruins—
Pillars snap and bow, walled cities fall!
And should the ruler be a jackal, the toad shall be judge, if he so wishes, and the jackal the servant, and at the end, the dung of the lion shall be thereon his testimony and saga.

Behold! Take counsel while you can, for the Lord God has ordained every shadow over thee—
And as for darkness, know that there is such a place thereof?
Where light does not dwelleth!
Know it because, God gives wisdom to those whom seek it, and to those wick souls, He keeps it.
Lo, God has deprived the hardhearted of wisdom, and they live in vain without fear; thus, he has not departed to those understanding, but rather to those hypocrites in heart, heaped with wrath, he has blinded, and bound.
And his thoughts are from eternity.
Know by reason of your dismay, which words come from the Lord, and are for thee!

#5346/Written 8-26-2016 (7:20 p.m.)

Note 1: Wisdom and reason, for this poem sought from the Book of Job and in part from George Sterling’s book, “The House of Orchards” that also entails wisdom from the Book of Job.  The secret often sought after, for me anyhow, is why the blind are so blind, when it comes to perception, insight, and penetration of God’s will.

Note 2:  Being blind to a fact, the author means in essence, if all the proof in the world was brought to you, volume after volume, as might be the case in proving that Jesus Christ did really exist, blindness will not allow you to see this fact, as might be the case in American Politics, and in of course in other countries as well.