Monday, August 1, 2016

American Dark Age (Staring: Rip van Wrinkle)

We are going into a mythical
because of the all-engulfing
to which man is reverting to,
‘The American Dark Ages.’
Men afar and near, acting
like avenging demon.
Perhaps some, not without
We are living at a point
of no return.
And we have not yet seen
the merciless wars ahead
to be documented for posterity,
for our heirs.
The fabled secret
lo, in ‘The Book of Revelation’
lives among us; it comes
out of the world of antiquity.
The Birth Pains, the 7th Trumpet,
the Bowls of Depravity, are in
alignment with globalization…
Scholars know this,
have known this, and are
preparing for this!
And from the top of towers yell:
“All is well!”
Consequently, unnoticed,
because the
bigger the government,
lesser the freedom
(similar to a frog being boiled
alive, unaware)
is part of the New Age Movement,
keep the opponent off-guard!
Talk about it only in a closed
And talk sparingly and quietly.
It is all being carefully
synchronized, this movement on earth.
When man awakes from his slumber
he may well say:
—like Rip van Winkle—
“What’s taken place, where am I?”

Written 7-30-2016 thru 8-1-2016/ #5324/Note: "Rip Van Winkle" is a short story by Washington Irving, 1819; who slept for 20-years and woke up to a new world.