Saturday, August 6, 2016

(Poem) Paragliding Over the Cliffs of Lima, Peru!

I went paragliding yesterday—
It was as if a great condor
Had lifted me up, gently
And flew me over the cliffs of Lima!
The wind spiraling—
The edge of the ocean
Appearing vagrant…
People below me, small as bugs
On a duck.
The lighthouse was there, then got
Lost as if misplaced,
Someplace in the windowpane.
My body cradling in a pen
Wrapped in belts like a spider’s
The highway below, all its cars
Clear like backs of toads…
Muffled sounds of the wind
I’m in a vortex, it’s all breathless!
And Rosa my wife below, I know
She’s still holding her breath!

#5327 (8:53 a.m.) 8-6-2016