Tuesday, August 2, 2016

End to a Dream

I dreamt, I was


I awoke to find
The blood of the
Was out of me!
It came to me then:
“When the many
Stop fearing the
Few, what will they do?”
So many people impressed
With themselves—
Strip one OF
—his or her vanity—
And one’s coffer
Will be like the many!
For the high and low
No one will ever know.
And falsehood will be
Stripped away, as will pretense.
And the soul will be
Free, and so light—
It will flow through space
Like a fabric of an atom.
Then I dreamt
—in time— All
The king’s fall
And the peasants rule!
And the peasants, fall:
Freeze, starve and munity.
And that was the end
Of the dream!
I asked, “What was the
Purpose of the dream?”
Was it fear, desire, wishes?
Is not that what dreams
Are made of?
And Sorr’el told me:
“They are also of
A gift from God!”