Sunday, August 21, 2016

Arch Devil Belphegor’s Diamond Planet

Worlds Beyond

Copernicus, also known as Planet 55 Cancri e, or the Diamond Planet, twice the size of earth, some forty-light years away, that has an orbit so close to the sun, its 2000 c at its surface. The planet takes eighteen hours to circle its sun. Its mass, eight times that of earth, and it is rich in carbon, inferring rich in graphite, coal, limestone and petroleum and above all, diamonds, all commercially important molecules for earth.  It is said, the smallest diamond is the size of a large thumb, and the largest—of which are many—the size of a five to six foot stalagmites. The problem for Donald Rump Olton, billionaire industrialist, is that its atmosphere is much too condensed with hydrogen cyanide and prussic acid, thus poisonous, and no water, and very hot. Hence, one can see with the clap of an eye, this planet is for the most part, sealed off to any earthly invasion. Or is it?

       As the old saying goes: if there’s a will, there’s a way!  And Mr. Donald Rump Olton, was going to find it one way or another.  From earth, it looked no more than a common pebble, a closer look, it looked like a chicken egg. Then Mr. Olton’s scientists discovered a crack, a large crack in the larger end of the planet, like the Grand Canyon, and as deep as the Colca Canyon in Peru.
       For the industrialist, Mr. Olton, of New York City, diamonds began to run gradually inside his head, wheels made out of diamonds, he had to perceive, recognize the unperceivable, and create a mechanism to mine them. There came that industrial devil’s whisper of a hundred flutes in his head: faster and faster the diamond wheels revolved. Then came a thought, ‘Did not Solomon put giant demon to work for him in building his temple?’  Yes indeed so legend says he did. “Why can’t I?”
       Thus, he called to the Master Demon, Arch Devil Belphegor, who dominated the netherworld. When he appeared there was a terrific suction, an unseen current more powerful than a 6.5 earthquake, had there not been gravity and a thick atmosphere above Olton’s head, he’d had been plunged into black frigid space.
       As well as I can recollect there was no loss of time in the meeting and at its end, Mr. Olton had signed his soul to the devil’s dominion: “Nothing for nothing” said Belphegor. And hence, the forces of the netherworld had a job for twenty-years to look forward to.  
       Belphegor selected a force of twenty giant demon, mostly complainers, complaining while on the job of numbness, painful tingling’s, blisters and rosiness from the 2000c surface mines on planet, 55 Cancri e, but in time they got accustomed to it. The good news was, the demonic labor force needed no water, or pure air, and therefore steady and slowly they could plunge through the sun’s flames as the planet circled its star, somehow these unfamiliar spirits became analogous to the sun in a short period of time, adapting to its unpleasantness quite well, and not so unlike the earth’s molten under crust of magma, and mostly unaffected by its heat, just a tinge irritable with the fluttering of the sun’s fire that burned into the planet’s surface, more often than not.
       The whole world could not guess where Donald Olton come up with such large diamonds, and until his death the demonic force throbbed with unnamable energies to dig them out for Mr. Olton, to build his towers and skyscrapers, the world over. But all good things come to an end, consequently, on his deathbed, he lay with an alien sadness, it was all so short lived.

Written: 2-17-2016/5073 / Copyright © February, 2015 by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.