Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dan Rather Joins the Slosh Journalists

He, Mr. Trump has inferred what a lot of people have not only been thinking, but actually saying if you've been reading all the incoming news (and to be frank, that is why both Hillary and Trump have Secret Service people around them with GUNs, because people think like that--think what Mr. Rather is implying Mr. Trump is inferring). But as far as either one doing it: one says it, and does it behind dark corners (and you can guess which one), the other simply throws it out half hazard. You can take it in a lot of different ways, and the media always takes it their own way anti-Trump. For a media that has acknowledge they have been extremely biased with the RNC presidential selection, this is another hot headline for them, this is the same DNC, that is fed by Wall Street and Billionaires and no longer for the people by the people, but rather for all the wrongs Ms. Hillary has done (which don’t seem to bother them). One person tried to kill Trump, because his ideals were not according to the DNC, no hype on that, in other words, to make America halfway decent again doesn’t sound good to Democrats, that is, the old Godly values are today worthless to the DNC. Everyone calling themselves Christians, and voting for abortion, anti-Israel, and for gay rights (gay marriages), and everything that isn’t Christian, and Ms. Clinton, a lesbian, and Mr. Clinton a sexual praetor (so expressed by the media), and Obama weakening our country, and here we are, making a big deal over a phrase brought by Trump into the spotlight, and making a big deal over a Wall to boot; Israel has a wall, it keeps the terrorists out, and China has a 2000-mile wall, I’ve been on it, it kept the Mongols out, the rats on the other side. Europe is building walls right and left over this new crisis from Syria, and the White House has a fence around it.   I guess none of this makes any sense.  Everyone is looking at the surface, and only can see the situation, you must look underneath the surface that is where the problem is.  The FBI, the media, these 50-governent stooges, and I can go on and on, all trying to smear Trump, because he’s an outsider, and doesn’t agree with the insiders, and that makes him dangerous for the New Order coming in, Globalism, and the antichrist.  Even on the internet, the Democrats want to silence the voice of many thinkers, who do not think their way.  As the Democrats, as Hillary has said a hundred times, “Get over it,” get on with business. Dan Rather “Get over it” your newspaper days are over, your opinion is with a forked tongue, and you have done enough damage to America with your most recent jargon. If what Trump said is a threat, he’d be in jail. But then so would Hillary and Obama.
       Trump said, inferred:  the second amendment has ‘political power’ and it does. And it has more than that. Should the Government take over the States without due process, or should there be an invading power, the people need to be armed. Obama and Hillary want America disarmed. As Trump said, “Give me a break,” in other words, everyone is picking out the worse side of his speech, and adding to it, whatever they wish. Why, well, we all know why, the Democrats want to abolish the 2nd Amendment, as they have not upheld the Constitution at present, and bypassed Congress in every move, and are afraid if Trump is elected, he’ll do as Obama did, abolish all those Executive Orders, like Obama did to Bush. And the media along with Mr. Rather immediately is lit up with accusations that Trump has put out a hit on Hillary, how silly can you be, when the other side has catered to the BLM, the Islamic extreme crossing over our boarders, with little if any worry of what harm they can cause. Normally you ask a person for his or her interpretation of what they meant by what they said, before you jump the gun; that’s called Journalism, Rather should know that, that’s journalism 101.  I’m a licensed journalist, and you put out the facts, not your personal opinion, or feelings: in other words, “He said this, and he said he meant this” period. Mr. Dan Rather and a whole lot of folk, took it ten-steps further. When a group is unified, the group is stronger, meaning the 2nd Amendment folk; unlike the RNC at this moment, in which need to get unified.
       Rather quotes Lincoln, how noble, but instead of going to where all the unrest started, he goes to the opposite end: the horrific violence is here, where did it start?  With Obama, and where is it going, with Hillary. Can there be cohesion and peace with Hillary? The issues are getting sidetracked, but personal hits by both sides, and Mr. Rather sees only “We can’t let it that happen again.” I suppose inferring Trump again, so you know he’s biased. Quoting a Republican to rupture a republican. But the name of the game is go around in a circle and don’t answer the deep questions, but turn the question into a question, or answer with a statement-question, but whatever you do, no not bring up, whatever Hillary will not be able to wiggle out of.

To be honest, I’m chagrinned Mr. Rather has stooped so low in journalism.