Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Black List Doctrine

The Black List Doctrine
((A Spiritual Plague is in the People of my time) (in Poetic Prose))

CERTAIN men hate God, hate Jesus Christ, and hate the Virgin Mary, despise the saints, the Pope, and would-be saints: they mock them, making satire in their own satanic way.

 “Do you really think people hate God?”  A radio commentator asked me once. Why would someone ask that question when it is so viciously obvious. She couldn’t believe such a thing existed. I don’t know if anyone is innocent at the age of fifty, but she’s sure unaware.

I know, God forgives the foolish, the hard hearted, but   he   has no restraints when it comes to great wickedness, and sin against Him! (Gen. 39:9): God punishes such men with one sin on top of another: he allows him to sin against Him like unholy mud from hell, and leaves the wilful sinner, the God hater, willfully lay within his own dung.   —so is the ‘Black List Doctrine’ brought forward: as the Jew has said: men are punished for one transgression, by being therefore, given unto another. It is liken to a fire that blazes and sizzles back onto one’s self.

This is not a dazzling mystery?   …but if it be, we can unfold it, let us try: the God hater, scourges at being punished for their sins; no different than an arrow thrown at God: he blames God. Avenging the Lord (Ex.  9:14) But the Lord says he will send plagues upon this person’s heart and soul. You see, some sins have consequences,   which become bound to that person (Isa. 6:10). What has taken place is this: God has given up to a vile person, unbelief. They are shut up in ureases, as in the utter darkness of a prison, because they have refused the Lord, the messiah; now, he must lay in wait, until the time of the gathering.

The degenerate mind, is not made by God (Psalm. 83), as some would have us believe, although, God may order the effects, through punishment for evils done; sin has its own gravity, its own seriousness, severity, magnitude: such instruments have been put into place to keep the rhythm of life, with the rhythm of the universe, I do believe.  Had not God done so,  by his grace, restrained sin, such as the rage of Original Sin, in the hearts of men, this world would have been, rushed upon with the most outrageous impieties man could think of (Psalm 76:10). But there is more to this: in punishing sin with sin, it keeps the world in order, otherwise man would eat man; as in the days before the flood.  Likewise, if God cannot look at sin, how can he then, invent it? 

It is said: one who hates God, burneth like fire burneth wood and his hate is as the flame setteth the mountains on fire; and in the end he perishes and becomes as dung for the earth, and he is made as debris before the wind.  As sin causes sin, thus, it is liken to a moth driven to cotton: this kind of man has no common restraints of grace, such as the conscience in him.

Written 2-15-2014/No 4186 ((for the book: Galilean # 553) (but unpublished))