Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Unholy Spirit

Part One

The Unholy Spirit (or Islamic Devil)

We are in the last days (we all know this, or should!)
ISIS is just part of Satan’s spiritual world maneuvers,
Thought out in his world, and brought to ours—
He is wearing an Islamic mask, why? Because it fits!
Why does not the west react?
What realm are we on? There are but two:
The Demonic Beast’s, or Holy Spirit’s.
We should know our dogma, for these trying days—
In Africa and in the Middle East, Christians flee for
Their lives, bombed and tortured by ISIS… and
Are tossed over the side of boats by Muslims to drown
As they seek like them, the safe shores of Europe!
As Obama—quietly watches from the Oval Office, like
A clown! “Congress, get him an exorcist!”
Can he not smell the blood on the ground?

Part Two

Now we must also watch Gog and Magog, demons
Of the North and South—Russia and China!
Who would if they could exterminate America!
Europe as well, bit by bit, day by day…
And for decades, have expected to, contemplative—

The demons have taken counsel together,
Iaokanann! Spoke of them, in 27 A.D.
Imprisoned by Antipas!
All they need now is just a stronger argument!
Doubtless it is forthcoming, vulgar as the beast!
Even more miserable than ISIS!

Satan now echoes to the multitude, farthest to the
Ends of Hell’s halls: He folds his cloak about him
The vapor of his breath, comes like smoke:
Like fog to air; a black mass swarms around him
This very minute: “Let us make an end to the Christian
To the Jew!” His expression is as that of a bulldog?

All now in a demoniacal frenzy: to mock God and the
Christian, they hold in honor a wild ass’s head:
“Have Islam do it in our name! Allah with give death
To all those who adore the Galilean: let them know
My wrath knows no bounds!...”

Thus, the second step now comes ISIS’s
In its iconoclastic frenzy!

No: 4746/ 4-16-2015