Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Best Poetry

       Is the public seeing, or receiving the best poetry out there available?  “No!” Why? Because those foundations and organizations judging the poetry, even novels, and short stories are judging the writings on who the publisher is, and who the writer is. For example, The National Book Award, ‘Awards,’ is not based on the best writer, but rather, the biggest publisher, and most renowned author, poet. So no matter what rank your poetry or writings would be in if judged fairly, will never make it to the ‘Finals’.  Jack London who claims he got published accidently, when a magazine needed something to fill space; the editor was astounded the public liked his story, because the editor really thought it was second-rate, so he admitted. As Mr. London has inferred, all my old writings that sat for years, now were acceptable by everyone, all the rejects became great stories overnight.  What does this say?  The judges, as Mr. London infers are second-rate, melancholy editors, who would like to be authors, judging authors and poets, and the foundations are no better. So no, the public is not getting the best, they are getting what the melancholy editors, and establishments are trying to force feed the people. Ford Company even pays well established Universities, to educate lawyers to be anti-Christian, this affects Christian publishing that are slanted on Christian values; and we are talking about millions of dollars. So they are biased, which perhaps they have a right to be.  But why? Is a good question.

Article 1352/4-13-2015