Sunday, April 5, 2015

Complicit in Silence (Easter Poem)

The old form of slavery has become a new form of enslavement, called: for peace and liberty, remain complicit in silence, as the world turns and turns, in its black matter magic.
It brings no harmony of course, for humanity around the world, only more drugs and wars.
And those with full bellies and roofs over their heads, with clean water and unsoiled bread—:
That sleep well, sleep complicit in silence, as the world turns around and around its heated sun.
What more can be said: what holds the universe together is God’s black matter web, always expanding beyond its hidden dimensions—
As for what holds the world together, it is harmony and peace, God and prayer, and those hidden dimensions…!
But what is happening is the worsening of an already humanitarian crisis, worldwide!
We are past the point of no return, but we can shop for time!

Easter Poem

No: 4748 (4-5-2015)