Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Finds of Islam (ISIS)

The Devil’s fends, are in, the roaring ISIS
The 21st Century’s second menace—
Both sects al Qaeda, and ISIS
Belonging to the Muslim’s deadly dynasty!
ISIS more satanic than the last!

Islam’s fiends were sent from hell to compel
The Christian to love Allah, accept
Mohammad, the hammer and the nail!
To kill the Jew, exterminate the Hebrew
At any coast, a Palestine view, overlook by
Europe and North America!

Death talks, wherever they walk, a creed…
Satan’s protocol, for the Islamic sect—
Satan want’s God to see the wickedness
In man, that can be, worse than Him, to win his
Seat back in heaven… so what does he do?
He gives to God more than he thinks God
Can chew: more than enough evidence to prove
His point—

Yet God sees, by not putting a wild bird in a
A cage, how his true heart when free, will sing!
And sorry to say, Islam’s song is far from inspiring,
Somewhere in the muddy waters of Hades:
They have crossed the line of no return!...

No: 4647/ 4-21-2015