Sunday, April 12, 2015

Old World

(A poem for our Lord, Jesus Christ)

The Poet Laureate getting ready at his home to attend a Luncheon with
The (nuns) Sisters of the College of Santa Maria, 4-11-2015 (Lima, Peru);
Congregation of the: Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity.

How old was I when I first talked to the Lord, and he told me what he told me, I had asked him, “Why does everyone else have a father but me?”
Well I can’t just remember exactly when, but it must have been that I was about ten—?
Nor do I remember his exact words, but I do remember a few phrases he used: “I’ll be your father, since you haven’t any, don’t worry...”
I think I bugged him on this issue for some time.
At twelve I wrote my first poem about Him, called it: “Who,” couldn’t think of a better name, but it described my way of thinking, and it has never changed.
And now at sixty-seven, the “New World” is different, the old world has changed quite a bit, since last I thought about it.
Back then, back so far I can’t remember exactly when, but when I got lost for a while, I can rightly say, he never left me for a day, not even when I was at odds with him!
He was always part of my shadow, deep in my soul, circulating within my blood flow.
He told me once, “You’re like King David after my Heart!”
And so right he was.
Another time he asked me what I wanted to be, since I had been a soldier, a counselor, and to a certain degree, a clergy, many other things to boot, and I replied, “A Poet!” with a little emphasis.
Then once he reminded me, as I was trying to figure out several world locations I was planning on visiting, “Didn’t you forget, the Antarctic?” it was statement-question, I do believe, since I had told him previously, I wanted to go there.
“Oh yes,” I said, I nearly forgot it; that would complete visiting all the world continents.”  
I’ve seen him a half a dozen times or more, talked to him daily per near, but seldom does he talk back, direct that is—
I could name them on my ten fingers, if need be, for his personal appearances in visions, and one slight appearance, in his spiritual Materia Prima persona ((of pure potency) (or in essence called: spiritual matter)) —and never once did he reprimand me.
But besides all this, he left me a message I do believe: those who seek him, he will never leave them, I know this for a fact by firsthand data!

No: 4751/4-8-2015