Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Devil’s Call

Who would say: to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God is an unpardonable sin, other than the Devil?
Why would anyone want to say such a thing, other than the devil?
For what purpose, although the devil could mention a few?
Why would anyone go through the trouble to spell out his name and single him out for 1400-years as a fraud?
Who would say, Mary’s Son, is not the Son of God, or Son of Man, and emphatically affirm it is blasphemous to think so, and then revere her?
Why take the time to deny something that doesn’t get in your way or harm you, and to specifically pinpoint Jesus Christ is simple a man, not the Messiah?
The Koran, the Muslim, Islam.
We need to go back to the first two questions! And add, the Devil hates Jesus Christ (and that in itself is a long story, with a lot of twists)
Does this not make you ponder on, who the heck is Allah then?
Was Jesus Christ a servant of Allah? The Koran says Jesus so claimed to be? I can’t find that in the Bible, only the Karan.
In other words: Jesus never used the word Allah, although he did use the word “Devil” that he comes in sheep’s clothing.
I’ve come to the conclusion: when we are talking about God, the Christian and the Muslim, we are not talking about the same person—
The Christion God, and the Islamic God are incompatible. 
They are not the same!
Jesus referred to God Almighty as the Father (Jn. 12:27)
And the Jew: Elohim.
Say what you will, and think what you may, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say!

References from the Koran: Sura 43:59/5:73, 78; Sura 19:20, 34. And from the New Testament Bible: John 3:16; 10:36-38/Rm. 1:13/Luke 18:31-33.
Written 4-11-23015/ No: 4751