Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Blind Lamb

In my dream the mercy of the Lord, our Savior was loosed upon the ill-moral world, as a blind lamb, —
The sun burned from the heavens, like a growing infernal from hell—
The dead arose, with spastic hands, as if long dead corpses were repossessed by demon! Treated like hogs, on a conveyor belt.
Gathered in the streets:
The world already ravaged by war and heat, intolerable waters to drink!
The marble vaults of Tartarus and its tombs threw themselves upon the cold hearts of the world… decimations!
This all started in the year 2016!  And ended 37-years later (in 2053 A.D.)
After a twenty-four year war.
But it’s just a dream, and dreams are just dreams!

No: 4748/4-6-2015