Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Miracle of Israel

Rain in mid-May
Is that possible?
Is that part of the Miracle?
The presupposed fallout, of
The rains of an atomic bomb?
The miracle working its self out?
In creating the new Nation
The one called Israel, 1948?
Was it the fear of the bomb that
Never fell, made the Arab
Run like hell?

If you go looking so hard
For the miracle,
You’ll miss the main event!
Fail to catch the ripple
That led up to the booms,
The bangs, and the blasts—
Of victory: restoring
Stillness to the land once
Called Palestine—now Zion!

The miracle, is that of a Nation
Emerged from a likeness:
A torrent of light, —
And someone saying:
“Don’t think the nations
That surround us,
Are more than us?”

And did not the Lord say
Unto his Jews: “Behold,
I have set the land before you:
Go in and possess it…”
In other words: MOVE!

And the miracle moved forward!
And the attacks began. Thus

…the last part of the miracle
Was not the rain, but
The masses of Jews, uniting:
Fighting in a common cause!

No: 4605/ 11-13-2014