Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cassie's Guide and Text Book / The Safe Child, The Unsafe Child by Dr. Dennis L. Siluk

Subject: Letter to the Public by the Author’s Wife


Reference to Dr. Dennis L. Siluk, Poet Laureate
And the book:  “Cassie's Guide and Text Book / The Safe Child, The Unsafe Child"

The book you are about to read has been out of print for some thirty-years, this is the first time it has been brought back to life, it has never been reprinted, and was out of print the second day of publication, only 200-copies were printed, and sent to schools throughout Minnesota. There has been a slight demand in the past several years for a copy of this book, of 48-pages, but it has not been available; because of the public’s demand and emails, the public’s outcry for a copy, the author has taken the one and only available copy, his personal copy, and scanned it for public use.

Dr. Siluk feels it will be of some help to those seeking its contents.  It went up for a Pulitzer Prize in 1984 or the 1985 selection, and was reluctantly ruled to be too specialized, to fit any category.  It was sent to President Reagan, and was forwarded at his request to the Washington Library.  And in 1985, it was given a review by Staff writer, Cynthia Boyd, of the St. Paul, Pioneer Press, and underlining its “…warnings against the whole spectrum of dangers to children…”

This book is under a 1984 © Copyright, and remains so. The author wants to share the book with the public to be used for education purposes only. There has been no other book published in this manner before this book, as far as I know.  This was the author’s third book, he has presently published 47-in-total.

Credit must be given accordingly, if quoted, or used in any manner. This is a rare opportunity, I wish for the public to use it wisely. 

The book has not been modified, it is as it was published.  As you will be able to see and read on page 43, the author was young, and was working on his Master’s Degree, he now of course has his Doctorate. And he has travel the world over several times.  He lives in Lima, Peru, has a home in the Andes, and visits Minnesota, his home state, within the United States. He is Poet Laureate in Peru, and is considered a scholar on Peruvian Culture.  His books are in English and Spanish, and some of his poetry has been published in several languages, and some of his short stories used in Bosnia, for culture, as he has written on Bosnian snakes. He is a stout Christian, and is working on a new book called “The Galilean,” which has taken him two years, and 3000-hours thus far, to be out the first of 2015.

Note: Pages 46 & 47, have been deleted because they index the author’s other earlier books. or or have the author’s books available, perhaps all 47.

Rosa Peñaloza de Siluk

(Wife to Dr. Dennis L. Siluk) 11-11-2014