Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Remembering the Holy Land (2010)

The author dressed in Arab garb, 1998 (Giza, Egypt)

Is it not true, ordinary people evolve and defused:
Judaism, Christianity and Islam—
Their greatest decisions uttered in prayer—
I wish I could have seen Israel (old Palestine)
For one day, as it actually was, way back then!
See Jerusalem, without all its tourists…
How impossible it is to remember that they who
Lived in those far-off days, were ordinary people—

When I drove through the Holy Land, Bethlehem
And so many other places, like Bethlehem
I could see the land had lost its ancient spirit…
Now it looked more Mickey Mouse like;
Boxed in, with rainbow colors— it square buildings:
Looking more like Baltimore, Seattle, or even
New York City; such a pity!

No: 4605/ 11-13-2014