Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Evil effects for Evil Spirits

Drinking can hardly be called an acquire habit—
One’s efficiency is impaired, as is ones imagination, inventiveness and quickness!
No longer does one have sun-clear eyes, and in time turn into gutter-wolves!
This is an evil corner in life, should you end up there:
This is a corner that flourishes with both women as by men!
The common corner language is coarse, degrading, debauchery.
Pre-eminent respectability and discretion, laid down for the morbid craving.
Unhealthy living creates unhealthy appetites and desires.
The home life vanishes for the public bar.
Drinking exhaust you, I know, I’ve been down that road!
Sour stomachs, bad sanitation, one’s existence is deadened by the ugliness of living in the gorge of alcoholism.
So these are some evils of drink, drunkenness—
Nothing new, for the drunk has the curse of many miseries—
And because of many miseries!
But I have no space here to talk on the miseries per se, those that make people drink—
But until the evils that cause people to drink are taken care of, it will not be abolished…
That is to say, well-intended efforts are often futile.
If you want to help, understand the person’s environment, it is called simple sociology!
Christ understood this: he healed the sick, fed the poor, and gave hope to the despairing—
Where you will find poverty, is where you will find those with no jobs, you will find more drunkenness than you can count, check the ghettos, slums and if need be under bridges!
No big secret.
Catch the young before they fall into the vicious social fungus that fosters this lifestyle!
Move if you have to.
It is better to live in an underground igloo, in the Artic, where you’ll be warm in the winter, and cool in the summer,
fed and healthy (where I have visited)—
Better off, than to live in a city where one can trace the source of his or her evil effects, to the social toxic misery that surrounds them—
Those so called evil spirits that keep coming, and endlessly coming
Until you swallow them whole, and thus have their evil effects!

11-24-2014 (No: 4632)