Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Last Words of the Soul

(In Poetic Prose)

Before the soul reached the divine ravine, to where it would be turned into spiritual matter, it was halted, called back to Earth, by Earth: to where physical matter, carbon was its basis for life in its primordial universe, —before, it transcended into the cosmic outer spheres of the universe, beyond space and time;   this all took place, upon the death of a citizen of Los Angeles, California. The embodiment of the soul, its essence returned to the room where resided the body it had left, captured by Earth’s electromagnetic forces, by way of its natural center core. Within a gravitational dragnet, Mother Earth, created a parameter, an inherent tendency for the soul to expand, if it so desired: and allowed to give to whomever it wished, its last: desires, wishes, and fears. The Earth pulled out of the soul at that given moment, all this, —the soul having a weak nuclear force of gravity—for that internal and sacred moment, and having had no-boundary, —and yes, the soul had its own mind, and it needed to say to its loved ones something, and the Earth’s intuitive spirit picked this up — And its last words were recaptured, in its own language, and moved at the speed of light, to the souls of those it had left behind; although nobody could read the language of the soul, they could feel it, sense it. And the Earth knew that, and then the soul from Los Angeles, found its interstellar space wormhole, and the Earth let go, and the soul let go of the earth, allowing it to go on its journey, to its Maker—

No: 4604/ 11-13-2014