Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Jew
 (The Bird Hidden in Darkness)

Part One

The Land

The Land called Palestine, those who lived on it first, like a one room schoolhouse:
Not very big, would end up having an open door to the world—
Narrow and between five other countries,
It was created as if it was a torn brown cloak—
Her thin young face peopled with only 4000-inhabidents, would be Jews, back as far as 9800 B.C.
Then In 960 B.C., nearer to, 280,000-inhabidents…
In the Byzantine era, one million or more…
And in 1948, 400,000 Jews would walk this land, with 12-million Arabs—
In 1964, 650,000 Jews
Today, perhaps six million, in 2014…if not more!
And along beside her walk two-million more!
In the beginning she was as meek as one of her ewes.
A brown skinned, black haired race—that won’t eat the pig!
Stiff-necked, oh yes, even their God, has called them that!
And so the flock wanders as if caught inside the center of a storm 
Awaiting their next Passover.

The Jew

With deft maneuvers, people across Europe, especially the Germans, French and English, the soldiers from the West—
Early on in the time of the Crusades, and before,
Launched the hard march into the Holy Land,
And as this sturdy trio reached Palestine—they had killed more Jews than Arab-Muslims;
The Christian battlefield starting in Germany, all the way to Constantinople,
As they prayed: “May God give us Victory!” These were Catholics!
The Germans in World War II, dismissed their Christian slaughter of six Million Jews, as if it was a pagan rite; these were Protestants: Lutherans, And all that sort…
Then in the late ‘40s, the English took the side of the Arab,
Determined to dust them off that part of the Earth.
Had the Jew not survived these latter years, had they made the wrong move, against the Arab, they wouldn’t exist today.

The Christian said in those far-off days, “The Jews, they killed Jesus Christ, let’s kill them!
And let’s put them in the ghettoes; forbid them to own land in Europe,” as the Arab had in Palestine, and the Turk, “Let’s have fun with them!”
No wonder the Jew hated the Christians.
They were left behind, and the Turks killed more Christians in those far-off Days, of the Crusades, than Arabs.
Or let me put it another way: the Turks killed more Crusaders, than the Arabs did!
Had the Christian joined forces with the Arabs, the Turks, would have left well enough alone… (but the Popes were spoiled to do so, then…)
So each fought for his own sake, and the Turk seeing this division, ruled.
But did the Jew really kill Christ?
Did not the pagan, the Roman, the Italian nail the spikes into the palms of Jesus Christ, forevermore?
Did not Rome bow to the Jew’s command?
If you had your searchlight flashing aimlessly across this land, way back then, you may very well have witness—with imagination—the involuntary Roman, doing just that.
So let us not let the light drift harmlessly above Rome, the closer the eye, the closer this fact.
And as for the Russian, they made the Jew dogtrot, whenever they could.

Where once the Jew loved the Torah and the Talmud more than the land, when it became a time to fight for a Nation—back in 1947-48, idealism changed, the old ways were halted, from the sea to the last road in Palestine—
The fight would be 40 to 1, and yes, even with such odds against them,  the Jews would fight, on and on, huddle in darkness, to the last gray light of dawn!
To create and hold onto, this new land-nation, filled with Jews and Arabs.

Flavius Josephus

Most everyone will agree, who knows history, Josephus, was a liar, his claims perhaps were half-truths, and those he didn’t like, he overlooked—
His behavior despicable, a coward in his own right!
This Jewish-Roman historian perhaps having face to face contact back in 66 A.D., (thereabouts) with the early disciples, if not Apostles themselves, wrote near nothing of the most famous figure in all of History, Jesus Christ!
It would seem, by his historical documentation, Jesus made no sufficient impact on the land and the people, of Israel, if not Rome itself!
Thus, he bit his tongue, out of spite, like the Pharisees, and would not bow to Christ’s existence!
Who knows the human soul, there can be many layers of rawness.

The Bulls of Bashan

We need only go back to the Judenstrasse in Gretz, Germany, to see how the Germans dealt with the Jews—
From before the 1st crusades onward—
How Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Mesopotamia ruled the Jews!
It was hideous…
The Jew has not forgotten how Muhammad (635 A.D.) made them bow.
The servant of god, needed the Jew to acknowledge his leadership, —wow!
But when he died, when Muhammad died, the world did not come to an end and Muhammad chose to ascent to heaven from Jerusalem, not Mecca!
Leaving his Negro Ethiopian wife behind.

And the Jew survived the Canaanite years as well, of 1400 B.C.
And they survived the god-Melak, 2200 B.C., who invaded the desert lands, and was forgotten, his fires died, Malak, a god of death…
And his goddess Astarte!
And they survived the Sumerians who laid sieges in this land.
As we trudge backwards, we can stop in 9800 B.C., again, thereabouts!
The Jew, not yet called a Jew, his world already had started gnawing at his kneecaps—
Those whom came from Ur, who came to settle this land…
When a Jew was not a Jew, or an Arab an Arab.
It was a perplexing transformation, that took place back then, in this land of Canaan—
A discovery, or perhaps a rediscovery, and it wasn’t the camel, but rather a human-like deity: like to like, but unlike!
Which God just happened to be the Jew he chose to represent his earthly dominion, his Oligarchy—?
Yet the bird was hidden in darkness:
He at that moment, come out of his hiding place, with gleaming eyes: he had experience God, and didn’t want to share him.
And that’s how it was in those far-off days, in a land called Palestine.
And now the Jew becomes the cleaver fox.

After World War II, the Jew still lived on the edge of endurance,
It had been one war after another—
But they had now stopped running, and in 1985, the last of the twelve
Tribes would be brought back to Palestine, called Dan.
But during these earlier years, they hadn’t forgotten, 1929…
When the Arabs swept over Hebron, massacres took place, slaughtering Jews, another apocalyptic event—
Not so unlike Hitler’s!
Thus, the Muslim, the Christian, the pagan, all leaving pools of blood across what now was Israel, but now battle-tested, the Jew in all respects, was feared!
Gave an eye and a half, for an eye, and tears for tears!
Now the Jew became the watchdog for America in the Middle East;
From the deserts to the seas.

The gentle rabbi: he who knows the meaning of God, where was he in all these wars, prayers and sacrifice?
He shrugged his shoulders and ran off to pray, to read the laws of Moses and their interpretations: the Talmud and the Torah;
To die if need be, in the name of the Prophets—
Never to pick up a long knife and flash it, or grab a rifle to grab to shoot it at the enemy—
Hands tightly, head bowing, these saints were ankle deep in the Laws of Moses; no time for fighting, only dying for the land, no man but the Jew himself, wanted him to have…

It is true, the Jew had lived in an awful world up to the present—
That in those far-off days, they had gotten accustomed to this
Unpleasantness, from infancy.
Life was a hard thing, always a hard thing!
Just work, work, work, for a scant existence over and above paying taxes.
A few pleasures, a few conveniences—
No luxuries if you lived in Palestine, in those far-off days, and not so far-off days: where no hope once could be found, yet hope now was found.
It was as if they had been sent to the moon, after King David and King Solomon’s era passed—
And then came 1947, they returned.
In essence, the world, nor even the devil could kill their spirit; nor the brotherhood of the Jew, although man had almost done the undoable; or so it would appear.

The Jew, no longer to be endured or pitied.
No need to listen to emissaries of the foreign malcontents.
They had the power to combat successfully the waves of insanity;
The Bulls of Bashan, the surrounding enemy, on nearly every side of them: them being those who overran the world with their buckets of oil.
And now they had the Great Strength of America, the so called Persia’s Great and Evil Serpent.
Now with America in their palms, they waxed fat off the labor of those tax paying people.
Becoming a prosperous Nation among nations of the world.
Yes, no longer did they have to kiss the ass of the Sow of Gretz; nor
Where they subject to the Mickey Mouse Inquisition of the Christians, bearing down on a Jew for just being a Jew!
Nor any longer did they live under the Hammers of History:  the threat of annihilation—; although I might be a tinge outspoken here.
This is something the whole world is subject to, now and forevermore…
Nonetheless, the new Jew no longer spoke or needed to speak, Yiddish—
The European, gobbledygook language, they were so sour on!
They could freely speak Hebrew, or English, or for that matter: whatever language they wished!
Nor would the Jew ever allow the gas Chambers of Oswiecim to open again!

Part Two


The Talmud and the Torah became second to the land, now called Israel, winning a nation took precedence—
In April of 1948, the English was evacuating Safad
(a fortress city, west of Kfar Kerem,  then north to the Horns of Hittim,
across the flat lands west and then to the mountains on which it sat)
The English who neither understood the Jew or the Arab—
But mandated by the UN, to babysit them! Was leaving once and for all!
And the British told the Jew: “We offer you safe conduct to Acre…”
And they waited for an answer—
And a rabbi said, “No!”
Even though the Jews were surrounded, outnumbered and starving…!
“We’re not evacuating, but standing like we did at Masada, like at Warsaw!
To the bitter end…
Contemptuously the Jew spat on the ground, “Safad will not fall!” they yelled.
The Arabs felt this was the moment to a great victory, having Lebanon, Syria coming in on the kill, to make the armed Arabs 6000-strong.
As not to have even one Jew escape the massacre.
Thus came the first bullet from an Arab sniper’s rifle—

The Lorry

There sets no bitterness
There sets no love
Perhaps indifference
Perhaps both can draw
On separate pipes, in
The same room—the
British and the Jew—
But not in 1948, when
British pro-Arab policy
Was against the Hebrew!
But the Jew never forgot
They blew up the lorry
At Tiberius: a reminder!
An eye for an eye!

No: 4561 (11-13-2014)

From that day on, the Jew never called Palestine, Palestine again—but rather Israel…  Matter-of-fact, it was an offence to do so!
And so the Jew, accordingly to the Englishman’s befuddled mind, the Englishman, whom could not find the Jew being an equal— came to despise the arrogance of the British Order, to their passing.

But what came with the British, in addition to their mandate, was homosexual Englishmen, on the sly—they came to Palestine not only to dominate, but to seek out pleasures and enjoyment, in camel heat!
They looked at the Arab, and at the desert, and at who was so inclined.
Between them, it was alluring to wear only a bed sheet, between one another, and to ride camels looking far-off into isolated oases—
They could only picture the Arabian Knights, Laurence of Arabia, the heroes of yesteryear—
No wonder the English sympathized with the Arab!

Safad I

Three thousand feet high up in the mountains of Galilee
The highest city in Israel resides, Safad.
Warm in the summers, cold in the winters—
Once a home to the Knight Templers (1168 A.D.)
City of the New Moon festivals
Here they built the Tower Castle of Kullah, in 1525 A.D.,
Where 232 Jewish families lived.
In the 16th Century Safad became the center of Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism)

The stairway in Safad II

In Safad, there is a division, a boarder that separates the Arab from the Jew, it has 261 steps…
It was built in 1936 by the British, to my knowledge, this kept the two warring enemies apart—
In 1948, this would change, the stairway would become the center point for war!
And the war cry from the Syrians was: “Slaughter the Jews”
For the Jew this was nothing new!
And the Iraqis and Lebanese, hollered it too!
And the submachine guns spurted out bullets—from one side of the stairway to the other, and the grenades landed, it was not just Jews who were killed, Arabs besides—
This time it was fighting from houses and on rooftops—
Full attacks, and Arabs fell back…
Six-thousand Arabs, to two-hundred Jews, tell me this wasn’t a miracle, and I’ll tell you, you’re a fool…
Everyone had a job to do!
But the rabbi would not fight in this ungodly war.
He hid in the synagogue awaited his doom—
Awaiting the knife to cut the throat, and the flames to burn his feet!
Still wearing their yarmulkes—
Still keeping their kosher foods—
Still mumbling in Yiddish, and Hebrew!
Perhaps wishing they had seen the eyes of the first man that had seen God
For out of the land of Baal came the Jew and the first settlement in Canaan.
And the rabbi, especially now, remembered the parting of the Red Sea,
And it was Passover, eight days of Passover—and then came May…
But his day, this year this month, they were not fleeing Egypt
Nor were they stuck in the ghettos of Gretz, Germany
Nor where the poets of Hamburg singing their songs of victory—
Not yet!
For the rabbi it was all sorrow that they foresaw!
For the rabbi it was a new holocaust!
Is it not true: hardest hit, is it for the dreamer to except a dream that has come to pass, has really come to pass—
Which has been preyed upon in the past for so very long: even if it is laid out in front of one’s feet— he still sees it as disbelief!
He becomes dizzy, when it became a reality.

In 1948, 1,700-Jews lived in Safad, with 12,000-Arabs
Here during the war for a nation, the food supply for the Jew ran short, the British Forces did not intervene, as the Arabs blow up house after Jewish house!
Yet the Arabs were repelled by the Jewish two-hundred,
Operation Yiftah!

The fall of Safad by the Arabs broke the backbone of the Arab spirit throughout the land….
In 1974, 22 of the 104 children abducted out of Safad, by the Arab Democratic Front, were killed; abducted, out of retaliation, and remembrance of those black days, and battles lost in Safad to the Jews, back in ‘48.
Now between 1990 and 2000, thousands of Russian Jews have immigrated to Safad.
In 2006, rockets fired by Hezbollah, from south Lebanon hit Safad!
Another reminder by the Arabs, they have not forgotten those lost battles… that old conflict!

But let us not insult reason: in the time of war, there is that moment for prayer, but little time for ritual.
And so it was this night, this day, the rabbi went home after a while, left his door open for Elijah, as tradition would have it be…
And gunfire was heard and it grew heavier—
Safad resisted the Arab—as the miracle worked its self out…
And the stiff-necked Jews moved, held-on!
The Talmud and the Torah, safely kept in the hands of the rabbi.
For the youth, during these days of nation building, the Talmud and the Torah became a prison, they would fight, and read later… and,
The Hidden Bird in Darkness, who had now come out fully, would never retreat, or hide his stiff-necked wings, in some dark cleave, ever again!

Part Three

(Legacy of a Nation)

Jews, can they be trusted?  Ask the old rabbis of the old false messiahs—
Some even left Judaism for Islam. Converted to Catholics—
Perhaps what the young Jews saw in the old rabbis were that they were not free of Eastern European corruption, —therefore, could not trust them, back in the day!
For they came to Palestine from Poland, Russia, and Germany (others from Spain and Portugal) …
The youth now in ‘47 & ‘48, saw them as ghetto Jews, who brought with them, ghetto Judaism—
Not wanting it to be their new inheritance, for a new Nation, they put the very thought of it out of their heads, despised it, as if it was despicable—
And in August 1949 the first defense bill came forward to the Knesset…
In 1956, there was another victory to be won, to the Israeli soldier, male and female, it was power by force of arms—again!
It was called the Sinai Campaign; venomous!
Thus, they had ten-years of freedom.
Then came the Six-Day War (in 1967), the world now saw military superiority in action!
Thus mentioned by the greatest of prophets, and because of the Torah, Judaism, remains Judaism!
Moses, the greatest of the Jewish prophets, cried: “The Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be an official people unto himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth” Deut. 7:6…
And now came the immigrants, 183,000- between, 1949 and 1967—
The Equal Rights for Women Law gave legal sanction, in 1951—
And Jeremiah, has tarried to  remind the Jew, not to glory in power, wisdom and even riches, but in understanding and knowing the Lord, God almighty (Jer. 9:22-23).

Yet, in 1967, there were still problems, settlement, education, and economic works: so many gaps to fill.
None forgetting the murderers, and those murdered, by the Nazis having killed six-million European Jews, who in essence constituted the spiritual center of world Judaism….

When Israel became a nation so did: India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon, this brought about the elimination of foreign rule.
But for the Jew it was a little different, it brought about the return to Zion.
With the Six-Day War, came peace with the Arabs.
Zion, is the land of Israel, it is the symbol of the people, it utopian idealism—; a place devoted to God, we Christians call the Holy Land—
It is, Zionism, a movement, a dream of the 19th Century, to reconstruct in
Palestine—until the end of time—a modern state called Israel—
It is the essence of Judaism, the monotheistic religion of the Jews, tracing its origins to Abraham, conforming to traditional rites, much like Catholics, and Muslims, but in this case, they are more set on community!
A people selected personally by God…

Lonely Days

In those first reconstruction days, came Goldman, and Golda, and the Great General, Ariel Sharon—
Who proclaimed, “Every Jew must be part of this new, Israel fight!”
They proclaimed the Jew needed to take hold of the road to the land of Zion, firmly.
For 1900-years the key to Jerusalem was given to non-Jews, and then for twenty-six years, to British rule, but no longer would they hold it—
Then surrounded by five Arab states, the Bulls of Bashan went to war and the Jews broke their spine…
It was at first, war from the Horns of Hittim—to Jerusalem, to Gaza to the Great Sea!
Only to hear the hideous whistle of those horrified shells, Arab Artillery, rip and crumble excessively.
Lonely Days— they were lonely days then…
When Zionism was just trying to form a government.

Part Four

Yom Kippur War (1973)
 (…or, Ramadan War, or October War)

The Yom Kippur War, was nothing less than the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict of ‘48,
That led to the 1978 Camp David Accords…but before this came, came war!
Yes, another extension from the Six-Day war of ‘67 that of which was between an Egyptian-Syrian-Jordanian alliances—
This time it was Egyptian and Syrian forces against Israel—October of ’73.
At first the warriors managed to halt the Egyptian offensive, setting into a stalemate between Egyptian and the Jew…
And Israeli forces had managed to push Syrians back, like a pack of rats, to their pre ceasefire lines.
Now the Jews were on the outskirts of Cairo and Damascus.
Anwar Sadat in a panic.
The Arab World once again humiliated…
The United States supplied, Israel, — As Russia supplied the Arab world!
And now on October 22, the United Nations seeing the Jews winning the war, brokered a ceasefire quickly…or tried to.
This war brought together, a role of the superpowers, and then some: Henry Kissinger, President Richard Nixon, Leonid Brezhnev ‘détente’, Oslo. President Sadat.
Newsweek. And Syria’s, Operation Badr or ‘full Moon’ in which so long ago the Muslims under Muhammad defeated the Qurash tribe of Mecca, but it would be different this time…
The Jews watched to see if the Egyptians would cross the Suez Canal.
Prior to a week before, Yom Kippur, the Holiest day for the Jews, the Egyptian Army staged a week-long training exercise, they would attack on Yom Kippur—
This time, King Hussein of Jordan, would not participate in a war with Israel, which only gave the Arabs more suspicions—
Matter of fact, the one rat, of the ‘67 War pack, President Hussein of Jordon, secretly flew to Tel Aviv, to warn Israel Prime Minister Golda Meir of an impending Syrian outbreak…
General Ariel Sharon, had noticed the Egyptians had amassed tons of equipment along the border of the great canal…,
And thus, a new war was imminent!
OPEC, would soon take serious an Arab oil embargo, and trade boycott, thus Israel totally dependent on the United States for military resupply and whatever might imperil the war…
Had not the United States insisted on a ceasefire, Cairo would have been part of Israel today, thus the war was brought to a halt.
Some 1,500-Egyptians prisoners were taken.
Roger Merrick, an analyst for the INR, reported and concluded the approaching war to be, between the Arab and the Jew!
But arrogant U.S. Government officials—as often they do—ignored this analyst’s workings as silly…
Not so unlike, 9/11 and the attack on Pearl Harbor.
In the year, 2013, someone found Merrick’s report in the government’s official archives (forty-years too late; hidden to cover-up Government mistakes).
Why don’t we listen to the people we hire?
Perhaps there are too many layers of rawness in a man’s heart, to start! 

Part Five

Gaza Conflict (August, 2014)
 (…or, Ramadan War, or October War)

The uninformed, abrupt volcanic wars between Israel and the Arab-Muslims, continue to this day, — especially in Gaza!
Time and the world has changed, new war tactics! More deadly, serve, will someone between these two, soon use the atomic bomb to satisfy one’s hunger?
This virus between the Jew and the Arab, no longer microscopic walls, are enclosing on themselves, against the world order.
If not stopped it will inflame the world at the end!
It nearly brought conflict between the superpowers, in 1973.
The Great War of Armageddon, is pivoting on the tip of a needle: craving to eat flesh—
When it comes, it will sink the sunlight, and we will all run to animal havens—
And so comes to mind, Gaza, and the Palestinians, and Hamas and Israel who has now finished their seven week conflict, one of many.
And UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who welcomed a truce, while watching the last-minute volley of mortar shells from Gaza kill another Israeli civilian; —then, tit for tat,  Israel,  kills on Tuesday, six Palestinians  with  air strikes in Gaza, where does it end!
But we know this deal, perhaps any deal, how ordinary it is.
None tightly neat: yes Hamas has suffered a devastating blow, but it will heal, and seek a new military campaign…
What must be done?
Said one PLO, “You must kill us all, or we’ll kill you, one by one! Our credo does not allow us to do anything less…”
It was rather an inconclusive outcome this time: they could have had a decisive defeat over Hamas, but like the 1973 war— where they stopped short, from going into Cairo, because of a potential collapse of Egypt’s Government, they stopped short again because of the UN; The Arab’s friend!
In Gaza; 2,140 killed were killed, nearly as many as the Twin Towers in New York City, on 9/11.
Such a pity.
Sixty-four Israeli dead.
What is to be said?
Revenge is a two-headed serpent!
No one wins, unless they have a precise win!
And who can trust an Arab or a Jew?

Part Six

The Ancient Holy Land

“For 200,000-years,” says the archeologist, finding components (ancient artifacts), “humans have lived, and hunted in the Holy Land, — before the farming of the land…”
They are guilty of nothing but living, and living life as it came, from day to day, hour to hour; they knew of no heaven, or hell!
Perhaps not even God—
But they lived all the same, and God was their creator!
The Jew, for all practical reasons came 9800 B.C., still guilty of being a Jew today, or for their persistence of having the one and only true God, and remains guilty for crucifying the man-God, called: Jesus Christ!
Yet the Americans, those that live today, are not guilty of the deprivation, and mobilization of the red-skinned Indian race, whom were put into private reservations, after a wave of massacres… They are not guilty of their fathers’ wrongs!
No guiltier than the Neanderthal, who had no god.
China is no longer guilty of the slaughtering of the Tibetans, in 1959.
Nor Stalin of the millions of Russian citizens they killed, for a thrill.
Or Japan’s slaughter of Nanjing.
Nor the German today of the Nazi regime.
Yet the Jew today still carries the stigma of the Negro of America’s yesteryear—
Throughout especially Asia, and Europe!
And yet, we are, are we not Judeo-Christians; and are not the Muslims, a branch from Abraham: has not the Muslim taken the wisdom, and stories of the Jews, and used them within their religion?
Like the Christian?

The Jew, he bowed to the kings and popes those who sent their armies to the Holy Land, and what did they get in return?
Thus, the Jew found out the world only responds to Axe blows…
Not unconscious condescendence!
And so the Jew, under time and crisis, knew no one would rescue them!
One hassle, after another, it’s all rigmarole, they said!
And the Jewish citizens, and warriors, in Israel, criticized the American for their way of life, and took their money in golden pots; and yes there are more Jews in New York City, than in Israel who continue that supply, and yes they still do citizen— Yet they found the American?
And yes, should the Americans stop sending money to this country that is so often, obstante to them, what then?
Who uses their veto power at the UN, for them?
And in time of need, defends them with tons and tons of munitions—
Perhaps they’ve found a real friend!
Even when slapped in the face by the Jew, they stand behind them.
Israel is a land of remembrance—
America understands this, also that they have had too much grief for any one nation to withstand—
Even though they’ve had happy days: the victories of the Maccabees:
Passover, via, Egypt.
The Sinai Desert
Adolf Eichmann,
America understands Israel is America’s Jewish Vatican.
And the world now understands there will be no more condescendence.

Part Seven

The Years

And so we see at the end of this poem, all the old gods died and the Jewish God survived, those trying years—
And that it produced two additional branches on its olive tree!
The Christians and the Muslims.
What kept Judaism vibrant?
Life, was meant to be life, — to be lived, and when one has learned this, they will discover the simple-ness of it, there is an order to the ordinary dignity of living—
And that means: life is not necessarily easy!
If one could, he need only to look at the Neanderthal…
The Jew knows life is a journey, where one discovers one’s self…
And this we must thank the Almighty for, either way, it is more than what the Jew original had when hidden in phantasmagoric darkness.
The God of the Jews, is our God also, he is humanity’s God.
And so, let the deceased be just that, deceased, and let the living go on.  
What the dead have left us, is hope to be fulfill.
Even though the arch is very narrow sometimes—the Jews somehow squeezed through it!

 The Jew; No: 4909/November 12th thru 20th, 2014