Thursday, September 22, 2016

Still and Windless (The Time: Commentary)

A world, nation, subject to chance, you can be sure not one thing would be calculable; natural laws world be undependable. A lawless world. This is what I see today in America. Astoundingly, America—a good portion of it—is living in a mirage, and to be frank, it has been a brief journey to this stage.  All traditional values, and morals has shifted about, re-composed itself beyond recognition. In lieu of a stronger and healthier, and wiser America, chaos has mysteriously appeared, in the past fifteen or so years. Nothing is what it ought to be, we live in a labyrinth of mirages. America is still and windless.  She has yet to see the Days of Darkness, as Amos in Chapter 5, so prophesied for her, in the Old Testament. Or the Days of Awe, as Isaiah has prophesied for her in the Old Testament. And we can include Daniel, Chapters 8 & 9, that fit America today; in chapter two we see Daniel writing and seeing in visions, “He changes times and seasons…deposes kings, and raises up others.” All three write what they see, and let whomever cares, heed.  No demands, just warnings. God is pretty democratic in that way, he’ll let you hang yourself if you have a closed heart, and mind. Matter of fact, he’ll help it along, and take away your understanding, why, because you most likely received the wisdom, and laughed, or mocked it.  We all forget God is in charge, and he says in a figurative way: you do not have the right to do as you please with what is his? Are you envious because he is generous to others? So the last will be first and the first last (Matthew 20). So one and all has to figure out what is his, and what is not!

#1159/9-21-2016 (11:50 p.m.)  Dls