Sunday, September 18, 2016

Edge of the Cliff (The Day of Awe)


There   will be two parts to this, Edge of the Cliff,” and “The Time of Wrath“ both will be intermixed.  
       First, in 1984 I had some fifty-three visions which showed to me there was soon to be The Day of Awe, as described in the Bible that was thirty-two years ago.  I saw many things, the American coastal areas, that I assumed was Florida, as if it was under war time conditions; 1985, the San Francisco Earth Quake. Terrible cataclysm worldwide, to include Paris, New York City, Washington D.C., and these on ongoing catastrophes I recorded in a poetic epic called: “The Last Trumpet…” that has now become a quite sought after book, which has been out of print for a decade, and a classic if not a collectable, or both. The manuscript was written in 1984, given to some preachers, lost thirteen years, then found in 2001, and published as a book in 2002. All the visions in the book have come to pass.
       I wish now to convey its composed substance, the essence of the book. The things the world has always been plainly visible to, in fact are now due, and are starting to manifest. This is not artificial light, these are some visions that have already come to pass, and what exactly is a vision?  A warning that presently brings the vision into infra-violet range, and within the scope of man’s visual cognition, these visions have been a part of my life for a long time now, before my mother passed on in 2003, she per near begged me to get the book published, she knew its contents. If you can’t understand what I’m saying here ask yourself why, there is an answer for that. You may be perhaps one of the many God said he’d send strong delusions so that such people will believe what is false in order that all maybe condemned who did not believe the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Biblically we see in the Book of Daniel, and in Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians, this very message; 9/11 was a warning.
       America is being overpowered with an aesthetic, as if it is in a period of unconsciousness which has now lasted for three decades, as if the devil himself has injected into our bodies a drug that affects one’s vision to see, understand, rationalize, rendering America ripe for war within its own boarders, and for those surrounding her boarders. But is it the devil? God has indicated for those who will not hear or listen, he will bind into spiritual deception, it is hard to see through such a bondage, this bondage starts as indicate in the Book of Daniel, backtracking, the year 2023, by seven, which makes it 2016, the onset of the seven years of misfortune. Why?  Thus is coming the Tribulation, a grace period for man to come to God, and a deadly and dark period. What is the Biblical Tribulation in terms of end time biblical events? It comes after the days of the Trumpets and Atonement in Israel, also called the Days of Awe and Repentance.  We can also see this in the Book of Isaiah. Mankind need now wake up, as in the Book of Amos indicates.
       I haven’t wrote much on this subject for the past  twenty-five years, and now I’m too old to worry about if people think me crazy, or a zealot,  or if I hurt their feelings, I see what I see, read what I read, and experience what I experience, and they all fit together with prophecy. It is like this, if you reset the strength of gravity in the universe you change the balance for life, thus the force of gravity by moving it, destroys it, it must remain exact. It is like prophecy, if it is not what it should be, it is not prophecy. I believe soon the phantasmal world will descend and will be taking half-visible steps, as is happing right now in America, and for America it must get back its few instants; God is waiting for an immediate reply.
       These flashes of visions I have had, you may call very strange phenomena’s of refractions of the mind, let me point out plainly, Jesus Christ told Mary Magdalen, point blank: God uses the mind to produce visions; and visions are what is forthcoming. The Old Testament was trying to tell the Jews, their Messiah was coming, but they were blind to Him when he came. In a like manner, Daniel is telling mankind, when this sealed scroll is opened in future time, when it is unsealed, will be when the signs of the times have come into pass.
       Israel’s rebirth is one sign, 1948. Israel’s six day war, is sign two. Israel’s giving to Egypt the Sinai, 1978, is another sign. Nostradamus, Daniel and Mother Shipton, all have pointed to this time period. And in my visions, 2016, appears to be the onset of something.
       I believe the world is going to see Hell’s inferno, and America if it does not bend its knees like Nineveh did, which was at one time the largest city in the world, in the days of Jonah, it will fall off the edge of the cliff. For myself this will be a period of some mixture of enlightenment and wonder. This is not left or right political jargon, in my lifetime I’ve been both a Democrat and Republican, depending: actually, I’ve been a conservative Democrat except for this era, today there is no such creature, so what I write is not political centered, rather theological, or biblical centered.
       I’m kind of like Jonah, in that I really don’t care if the bad seeds of the world don’t bend their knees, I’d like to see God break them. But God is more gracious than I.
       During this period of daily and nightly visions, about nine months of 1984 going into 1985 if I recall correct: I saw Washington D.C., under attack, and New York City, I was given a symbolism for its destruction, and ruin, also to include Paris, and its legendary tower, which I realize a few attacks have been altered concerning that, and on and on, and I believe Paris will see more. And to date strangely enough I have a mesmeric compulsion to bring to light this once again, which is all in the book “The Last Trumpet…”
       In The Book Daniel it talks about the Ram and the Goat, the Ram being Persia who conquers Media, or Turkey, and Alexander the Great, Greek, who conquers Persia, and the Israel War of 1967. All prophecies that have come to pass. So you see when 9/11 came, I was not surprised. Nor am I surprised with the companion blunt attacks now taking place worldwide, in Europe and America. I saw bin Laden in a vision, I knew he wasn’t in a cave, I wrote about it 20-years before he was captured. But who would listen. I don’t have a glass crystal, just a portal when God decides to open it and show me a few things.  I’m not a saint nor claim ever to have been, but God uses those of humble origin, those usable, available.
       America is now on a rock-strewn slope, ready to cave in.  What it once stood for, it no longer does. People are living moment by moment. Overlooking all the, and their deadly sins, and we all know what they are I don’t need to spell them out. My last vision, and I’ve had them off and on, never like the fifty-plus in 1984, but occasionally, I saw Christ, in the distance, I even drew a picture of him, he was looking west towards the Pacific Ocean, I wonder why?

#1155/Written 17 & 18 of September 2016.
By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. h.c.