Sunday, September 25, 2016

Demon Voices ((At the: 'Gates of Wonder') (Poetic Prose))

Don't be alarmed, I've not gone buggy, but the question may arise within your mindset—sooner or later, that is: your alternate mind: are those voices you hear, demonic voices, real?
And if you say they are not, well okay, although they're something, are they not?
It's like saying you have a soul, but what is it made out of, it has to be made out of something, does it not? Perchance, some kind of spiritual matter we've got no clue to! Yet to be discovered.
Thus, if there is a soul, there is a God, and if there is a God, there are demonic beings, and why would they not have voices?
If you've never heard those voices, well, you don't need to read any farther within this Poetic Prose...
Unless you are lime me, ‘I am what I am’
But for those who have, you have to take some things by faith, we know that, and demons have voices, and they have a job to do, and they must use natural forces! That is, those forces available to them.
We know that, because we’ve experienced them, seen them, heard them, know them to a certain degree…!
Anyhow, the Psychologist, will say you're nuts, they get paid well to say that, and to be honest, there is a hidden reason they went to higher learning in the study of the mind, but they avoid spiritual things...
There are four elements the psychologist must examine: the physical, the social, the psychological, and spiritual, to get the whole out of subject, but they leave a hole in the spiritual, so what do they get?
A lot of something else.
And the Priest may say that also, but he may also say, 'Perhaps?' Giving you the benefit of doubt!
But without question, the scientist will say, will surely say, whatever needs to be said, to disavow the demon theory, and replace it with little aliens, from Mars or Venus or wherever in the Galaxy they can find that will takes its place, even if it is more fantastic than the demons themselves; that which is not so unbelievable to them, but demons: no way!
But are they real, and if so, are they speaking to us, to some of us?
Can demons transmit their voices into our ears at night, at will?
Or perhaps walk with us down the street, whispering into our minds?
Or perhaps invade the television, or our communications?
We need to use our imagination here, like: Carl Sagan, and Stephen Hawking! 
Let's suppose demons have the same capacity, or at least, some do, or if they don't than those so called angelic renegades do, and perchance have given the knowledge to them; angelic renegades surely have had their courses in Astrophysics I would think, and the rudiments of simple polarization, or magnetism: in that there is no need to explain the physical reality that surrounds us, like the electrical forces, those invisible forces—they already know, that there is a force field around us, that the world is a force field in essence.
I'm sure they know how to use it to their benefit likewise!
And if we didn't have such a force field, we'd not have electricity! And with earth's central core, a magnetic field creates such a field.
I mean let's assume they've read up on Isaac Newton, and all the data up to today's Quantum Physics, theories...  and perhaps beyond!
And all those simple things as motion verses electricity, creating a motor to push those voices into your head at light-speed!
The speed of light being: 2.5 seconds for a word to reach the moon, and be tossed back to earth! (…or, 186,000-miles per second.)
The sun tells the planets how to move, by its magnetic field, but the electric magnate field does the work—
If there are such things as demons, and their voices are getting into our heads like radio waves, are we not then living at the "Gates of Wonder?"
I mean, is this not something we'd like to know?
And so when you sleep this evening, realize, demons need no sleep:
thus, just say a prayer, the old fashion way, that'll scare the daylights out of them, or provocative thoughts!

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